Flat Classroom Conference – TO DO

STUDENT TASK: To brainstorm, envision and propose (“pitch”) a flat-classroom style project to promote awareness and global improvement based on the summit theme, ‘How do we help each other?’. This idea must potentially have enough scope to join classrooms and people from around the world and inspire action in some way. However the idea may be ‘glocalized’, (Friedman) where you think globally but act locally to get it started
  • Join the conference Ning – http://flatclassroomconference.ning.com– This is the networking hub of the workshop. This is where you will interact with participants, both real and virtual.
    • Ning naming protocol: When joining the Ning students are encouraged to use their first name and last initial as an ID, e.g. Julie L.
    • Ning school protocol: It must be clear who the student is and what their school affiliation is, e.g. a student from YIS would be Julie L YIS (Julie_L_YIS)
    • Participants are requested to join the ‘FC Conference 2013’ Group on this Ning as well.
  • Join the conference Wiki –http://conference2013.flatclassroomproject.org/– This wiki is where the contribution and discussion will take place about the topics for the summit focus. IMPORTANT – Joining the wiki is a 2-step process: please do this BEFORE coming to the conference!