Water Reflection

Fall Mountain Reflection flickr photo by Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 23 Million views) shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

  • Step 1: Using memory, information on your computer, and friends sequence out the entire water process.
  • Step 2: Under each step indicate what you learned. RED circle for a skill you learned. BLUE circle for something you learned about water.
  • Step 3: NEXT STEPS…add to your sequencing BF what steps you will take next in taking care of our water source.
  • Step 4: Choose 1 option
    • Write a letter to next year’s 6th graders….give them all the advice you have for succeeding on this project. Include links to your work.
    • Create an instructional video for next year’s 6th graders….tell them how to succeed on this project.
    • Write a letter (or series of tweets/instagram posts)  to someone who is in a position of power (Head of School, parent, elected official) helping them understand why studying water is so important and what changes in behavior people should make.
  • Step 5: On your SCHOOL Blog
    • Put a picture of your sequencing BF
    • Put your reflection on the website
    • Include links to your website AND your posters
    • Make sure you categorize and add proper tags
  • Link to reflection form

Work for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (March 8,9,10)


Period 1/2 7M Continue work on town through time map. You. should try to get the second map done. Don’t forget to be checking the TSC
Period 3/4 8U Introduction to History of Yokohama. Individual work. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid 
Period 5/6 6H Continue work on posters.

  • You should be working with partners on your poster project
  • You can check this document to make sure they have completed everything
  • If (and only if) you have completed the google slideshow requirements then they can work on the extension activity.
Period 7/8 History HL You should finish chapter 2 and begin chapter 3 in the Mao book. Extra copies of the book behind “embrace your superhero” poster. 



Period 1/2 7K Continue work on town through time map. You should try to get the map done. Don’t forget to check the TSC. 
Period 5/6 (w/ lunch break) DP History Combined In small groups, you will share your presentations. Just sit around two different tables and share.
The teams are:

  • Justin, Sabrina, Aysha, Maria, Joe, and Sarah
  • Erin, Christian, Meadow, Miha, Kate, and Cole

If you finish, you can practice for their paper 1 style quiz answering the purple box questions on pages 100-118 in the green book.

7/8 8U Globalization and Yokohama Culture. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid. 



Period 3/4 7M Continue work on town through time map