Work for Monday


Period 1/2 History (HL Only)   Watch Century of a Revolution (Part 2) .
A student to show it via their computer.
Period 3/4 I&S Grade 7K Students are to finish their time through time maps. They should check the TSC, finish all drawing, and attach annotations to their maps. (Here is the link to the assessment if you need it) 


It is due at the START of class on Wednesday.

Work for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (March 8,9,10)


Period 1/2 7M Continue work on town through time map. You. should try to get the second map done. Don’t forget to be checking the TSC
Period 3/4 8U Introduction to History of Yokohama. Individual work. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid 
Period 5/6 6H Continue work on posters.

  • You should be working with partners on your poster project
  • You can check this document to make sure they have completed everything
  • If (and only if) you have completed the google slideshow requirements then they can work on the extension activity.
Period 7/8 History HL You should finish chapter 2 and begin chapter 3 in the Mao book. Extra copies of the book behind “embrace your superhero” poster. 



Period 1/2 7K Continue work on town through time map. You should try to get the map done. Don’t forget to check the TSC. 
Period 5/6 (w/ lunch break) DP History Combined In small groups, you will share your presentations. Just sit around two different tables and share.
The teams are:

  • Justin, Sabrina, Aysha, Maria, Joe, and Sarah
  • Erin, Christian, Meadow, Miha, Kate, and Cole

If you finish, you can practice for their paper 1 style quiz answering the purple box questions on pages 100-118 in the green book.

7/8 8U Globalization and Yokohama Culture. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid. 



Period 3/4 7M Continue work on town through time map

Causes of the Industrial Revolution

Step 1: With your partner  read the chart below


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.32.22 PM










Step 2: Create a flow chart on A3 paper: (this should be finished by the end of period 3)

  • An arrow going between two factors can show CAUSE of change or EFFECT. This information comes from the chart above
  • Please put details above the arrow explaining how the two factors are connected
  • There should be a lot of arrows…it’ll be messy.


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.39.10 PM

Step 3: Rank  

With your partner, rank the six factor from most important to least important.

Step 4: Paragraph answer (individual)  (this should be finished by the end of period 4) 

In a well-written paragraph answer the following question:

What Caused the Industrial Revolution?

This paragraph should have:

  • use information from the chart you made with your partner
  • states the most important reason but also use the other factors to make your argument.
  • 5 sentences. Capitalize the first word of each paragraph and all proper nouns. Use formal tone (avoid “I” and contractions)

Step 5: Upload Take a picture of your graph upload to your blog

  • Cut and copy your paragraph to your blog
  • If time, find pictures  (CREATIVE COMMONS), GIFs or YouTube videos that you can add to your blog to make your post more interesting and informative.


Inventor Knockout:

Inventor Knockout: 

Step 1:You will be randomly assigned a person from this list

Step 2:  Create a slide that shows why your person brought the most change to society is .

  • Rule 1:  1 slide
  • Rule 2:  No more than 3 words on each slide OR a quote about the person
  • Rule 3: Find images on Creative Commons
  • Rule 4:  You must have a basic citation of the image (who took the photo and name of the photo)
  • Rule 5: Put slide here (7M) or Here (7K)
  • Step 3:  Write your speech:
  • Should be persuasive
  • Must explain the persons contribution
  • Must explain why was this contribution so important