Work for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (March 8,9,10)


Period 1/2 7M Continue work on town through time map. You. should try to get the second map done. Don’t forget to be checking the TSC
Period 3/4 8U Introduction to History of Yokohama. Individual work. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid 
Period 5/6 6H Continue work on posters.

  • You should be working with partners on your poster project
  • You can check this document to make sure they have completed everything
  • If (and only if) you have completed the google slideshow requirements then they can work on the extension activity.
Period 7/8 History HL You should finish chapter 2 and begin chapter 3 in the Mao book. Extra copies of the book behind “embrace your superhero” poster. 



Period 1/2 7K Continue work on town through time map. You should try to get the map done. Don’t forget to check the TSC. 
Period 5/6 (w/ lunch break) DP History Combined In small groups, you will share your presentations. Just sit around two different tables and share.
The teams are:

  • Justin, Sabrina, Aysha, Maria, Joe, and Sarah
  • Erin, Christian, Meadow, Miha, Kate, and Cole

If you finish, you can practice for their paper 1 style quiz answering the purple box questions on pages 100-118 in the green book.

7/8 8U Globalization and Yokohama Culture. Make a copy and share with Ms. Madrid. 



Period 3/4 7M Continue work on town through time map

Work of March 3


Period 1/2 Grade 8 Everything is on this document which students have accress to on my blog and on Veracross
Students are to turn in their globalization product and TSC.
Students are to complete their reflection and TSC. This is individual work.  
Period 5/6 Grade 11 HL/SL History Complete work on presentations.  They were introduced to it last class and should know what they are doing.
Period 8 Tutor Students should finish work on Nodebook. 

If they have finished this week’s work on Nodebook, they can have a study hall…read/complete homework/etc.

Globalization Product Assessment.

Starbucks flickr photo by Mr Wabu shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


Project 1(this is a link and you should make a copy)

  • Globalization Product Placement
    We have been discussing how companies adapt their products to better fit different markets, considering local culture, tastes and laws.

    • Choose one cultural item or trait that you know well and are interested in. This could be a dance, a style of music, a sport, a food item, a piece of clothing etc. The cultural item can come from any country, but it should probably be one that you are familiar with.
    • Choose one country you would want to promote the item to. It should be a country with a different culture, background, climate, etc.
    • This is your turn in sheet. As soon as you’ve chosen your product, add it here.
    •  Write a one-paragraph background. How did the the thing originate initially? How is it sold today? How is it practiced/worn/performed/etc in the country of origin?
    • Include 5 points about the targeted culture, focusing specifically on the traits your product will adapt to.
    • Adapt the product for the new country. Consider ways that you have to adapt it for the new culture.
    • Create a one page ad/poster or 30 second commercial for the adapted product.

    TSC — You will then have a reflection task after your presentations, assessed on criteria D. TSC