What Good are Schools?

  • What are the aims of the educations system and of YIS? What, through the aimss, are you expected to know?
  • What are the ideals of the society that have determined these aims?
  • Where did those ideals come from? On what grounds are they justified?
  • What conflicts can arrise from those ideals?
  • What status should be given to:
    • moral/ethical eduction
    • community serive
    • oiliticl education
    • physical education
    • arts education
    • student-driven education
  • How is it decided which of the so-called great works of science  art, literature morality are worthy to be passed on in your school or college?
  • If you could design a school, what would it look like?




Outcome 7: Considered the ethical implications of your actions

Ethical decisions arise in almost any CAS activity (for example, on the sports field, in musical composition, in relationships with others in service activities).  Evidence of thinking about ethical issues can be shown in various ways, including journal entries and conversations with CAS advisors

You will be working on a reason related writing assignment during class. The key is for you to demonstrate your ability to write a clear and compelling argument that logically leads to a strong conclusion. We have been working with these ideas for a few weeks now so it is time to apply your knowledge. As you set about completing this assignment, feel free to consult the packet provided by Mr. Hilbourne, the resources on the TOK site, or any of the reason posts on my blog. These may help refresh your memory or clear up any misunderstandings. And here are some examples of Ethical Implications in CAS. 

TOK Period 0 (Wednesday)


In groups of 3, answer the questions and/or do a summary of the topic on this class GoogleDoc.

  • Why do we have language?  (may want to research Stephen Pinker)
  • Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis


As individuals, – for next class, choose one of  the Language Linking Questions. You will not have to answer the question fully, but you should fill in this class class notes.
1) Explain what knowledge issues the question addresses.
2) List 2-3 questions that you have about this question. (in other words, what questions does the big question generate?).
3) Generate a thesis statement if you were answering the question.
3) What examples would you give to support your thesis.