Work for May 30

Grade 8: You should be finishing your project. I would like everything done by end of class on Friday.

History HL:

  1. Read the article (page 147-154). It’s on my table. 
  2. Work as a group on this presentation: CHANGE ALL the text so it relates. Be prepared to share with SL next class.


Study Hall. You can also work on your Yokohama History Project.

Work of March 3


Period 1/2 Grade 8 Everything is on this document which students have accress to on my blog and on Veracross
Students are to turn in their globalization product and TSC.
Students are to complete their reflection and TSC. This is individual work.  
Period 5/6 Grade 11 HL/SL History Complete work on presentations.  They were introduced to it last class and should know what they are doing.
Period 8 Tutor Students should finish work on Nodebook. 

If they have finished this week’s work on Nodebook, they can have a study hall…read/complete homework/etc.