Grade 7 Reflections on our Unit “Sports et passe-temps à Québec”

Now that we have completed the study of our unit on sports and pastimes with individual brochures, we will reflect on our Significant Concept, our Unit Question, and our Area of Interaction.

You will post your reflections on your blogs and here are a few guiding steps to help you with the process:

  1. You will read the brochures posted by your classmates to get an idea of their likes and dislikes in terms of sports and pastimes. You will also find out what the national sport is in their country and who their favorite athlete is.
  2. You will reflect on how “Sports define the culture of a community”
    1. Try to find common likes and dislikes among yourselves and what sports culture exists at YIS.
    2. Please reflect briefly on your participation in the cross-country event on November 10 and to what extent you interacted with the students of Ishinomaki. How did you feel about participating together with those students?
  3. Refer to your national sport to reflect on our unit question “How has sports been influenced by the environment?” Try to find out through the history of your sport how the environment may have had an influence on its development.
  4. Our Area of Interaction was “Approaches to learning”. Please write your reflections on how you approached the study of this unit and what  you have learned about your studying habits. Try to answer those two questions: “How do I learn best?” and “What skills do I need to be successful in this subject?”


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