Grade 7 Allez, viens à Paris! (suite)

What have you discovered during your research?

You will share your results with the class in the form of a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation entitled “Les attractions de Paris”.

Your presentation, made up of about ten slides, will include the elements described below. For (1) and (2) you will not only include pictures of the sights but also maps indicating their locations in Paris and the reason why you would like to visit those sights, beginning your sentences with “Je voudrais visiter… parce que…”

  1. One tourist attraction that you discovered with the help of the clues given in exercise B.
  2. Based on the link Popular places of Paris, given in Activités Internet, you will include:
    1. One monument
    2. One museum
    3. One leisure park
    4. One religious building or castle
  3. Based on the Paris website choose
    1. A sports event that took place or will take place in Paris
    2. A sport for young people to do in Paris over the winter holidays
    3. An unusual sport

Make sure to add your bibliography on your last slide.

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