Grade 7 On va au café?

This homework is to help you become more familiarized with the vocabulary of our unit on a French café.

Log in to your online textbooks and go to chapter 5 “On va au café?”.

Click on the Book pages tab and select the Mise en Train section on pages 142-144. Go through all sections from Stratégie to number 10. Practice your listening skills by listening to all dialogues. (Click on the sound button in each section.) Repeat after each dialogue to practice your speaking skills. Make sure you have a good understanding of the story before starting the exercises. You may want to listen one more time to the whole episode while following with the text by clicking on the Play all button above Activités.

Go to the Activités menu and do activities 1 to 4. Save your answers on the Cahier électronique.

Post all your answers to the above exercises on your blogs under the unit title On va au café? You may copy and paste your answers directly on your blogs or post screen shots of your answers. You are expected to write full sentences as much as possible.

Deadline: Beginning of class on Friday, January 20.