Grade 8 Projet: “Tu as passé un bon week-end?”

How well can you recount past events or personal happenings in the passé-composé ?

Using the grammar and vocabulary learnt in our unit “Au téléphone”, you will create in pairs a dialogue in a comic strip format using Comic Life. The theme of your conversation will be a past week-end. Your comic strip will include the following:

  • At least ten speech bubbles in which your characters will describe their weekends.
  • A range of verbs to tell in the past what your characters did or what happened to them.
  • The use of sequential words to structure your story.
  • Your characters’ opinions on their weekends.

A few recommendations:

  • Try to produce a comic strip that is attractive in terms of design, layout and neatness.
  • Make sure there is a good balance of text and graphics and that your graphics support the theme of your comic strip.
  • Check that your information is well-organized, following a logical sequence.
  • Is your writing free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes? Check if your punctuation is correct throughout the comic strip.
  • Make sure you submit your script for proofreading before your presentation to the class on Wednesday, January 25.

Some more advice from Le Chat by Philippe Geluck and some past projects to inspire your creativity!












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