Grade 7 Reflections on our Unit « On va au café ? »










Les joueurs de cartes, Paul Cézanne (Musée d’Orsay)

Our previous online task was to familiarize ourselves with the famous sights of Paris and the first stage of our topic introduced us to the foods and drinks served in French cafés.

Now that we are able to explore several “cafés parisiens”, let’s reflect on our Significant Concept, “French cafés as social institutions”. What roles have they played in French society?

Our Area of Interaction, “Human ingenuity”, also prompts us to reflect on how French cafés have evolved over the centuries, what impact they have had on French society and what future developments we can foresee.

Finally, let’s find some answers to our Unit Question, “What does the café have to offer that makes it still a popular tradition in any community?”

Paris has many famous cafés, which have, over the years, attracted numerous artists, writers and philosophers from around the world. With a partner you will investigate one such café (or similar establishment known as bistro or brasserie)and post the answers to your research on your blogs. Specifically, you will be required to answer the following with as many details as you can find:

  • Historical background of your café
  • Names of the famous people who frequented your café
  • The reason or purpose for those people to go to this café. Did they have a particular activity going on in this café?
  • Has your café been at the origin of some changes in French society? Has it had any impact on any aspect of French society?
  • Is this café playing the same role nowadays and why/why not?
  • If you can have access to some figures, would you say that the number of cafés in France is generally increasing or decreasing? How would you explain this trend? What future developments can we foresee? Are there any new types of cafés that you are aware of?
  • French cafés have existed for more than three hundred years. What is it that makes cafés still a popular tradition? Explore several aspects of your café and report on its location, its atmosphere, its menu and prices. From your results, what would you say contributes to making it a popular place?

Voici la liste des cafés parisiens: