Grade 6 Travail de classe pour jeudi 6 mars

Les nombres

Today during your period 7 French class, you will practice online with Linguascope the numbers we have learned in our unit and expand your knowledge by challenging more difficult numbers in French. Once you have completed all activities online and you think you are ready to apply your knowledge, you will work on the worksheets that will be given out in class.

Let’s start!

First, login to the Linguascope home page with our school username and password (posted on the whiteboard in our classroom) and select the Elementary section for learning. You will be directed to the Houlala page where you will select Galaxie Trois. There you will go to Planète nombres and practice all activities either on your own or with a partner if you wish to be a bit competitive.

Next, you will leave the Elementary section of Linguascope and go to the Beginner section that will take you to the Bonjour page. In Les Bases (basic vocabulary) you will select Les dizaines. Practice all activities from “Présentation” to “Contrôle final” and check how much you have learned. Once you think you can confidently use those numbers, practice on the worksheets. You may complete them at home.

Have fun!

Bonne chance!

Youpi! J'ai gagné!


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