Grade 9 French Exam Preparation

As explained in class, your exam on April 30 will include the following:

1) Two reading comprehension texts related to our current unit on French gastronomy and French celebrations. One text will be an unseen passage and the second one will be a prepared passage similar in difficulty to the reading comprehension task that was given recently.
2) Two writing tasks related to our topic for which you will need to practice: an invitation and a letter to a friend describing your eating habits.

How can you prepare for your exam?

Prepare the reading comprehension passage by skimming the text and checking its general meaning. Try to get a general idea of the type of text it is by looking carefully at its illustrations or photos and title and subtitles. To get a better understanding of the text, during the course of a second reading look up unknown words that you think are important.

With regards to your writing tasks, you are encouraged to make use of the Google doc. that includes all brainstorming ideas on writing an invitation. You should also read all feedback comments I have given you on your invitations, make corrections accordingly and resubmit your paragraphs.
In preparation for the second writing task, you should try to complete all exercises in your “Practice & Activity” sheets of chapter 3. Submit your work for feedback.
You should also prepare the following questions:

  • Quels sont les plats que vous aimez le plus? Quand est-ce que vous les mangez?
  • Décrivez un repas de famille typique. (Incluez les informations suivantes: avec qui vous mangez, où ça et à quelle heure.)
  • Est-ce que vous aimez les repas de famille? Pourquoi/pourquoi pas?
  • Ce week-end vous allez manger avec des amis: où aimeriez-vous aller et pourquoi?

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