Grade 9 – Classwork for Thursday October 2 and Friday October 3

On Thursday October 2 and Friday October 3, you will work on your oral presentation entitled “Mon voyage en …”, based on the region you have selected to present.


Vous avez fait un voyage de quatre jours dans une région française et vous expliquez à l’aide d’une présentation PowerPoint ou Keynote où vous êtes allé(e) et ce que vous avez fait.

Your oral presentation with visual support will be a description of your trip to the French region you chose to research. In order to include all required information you need to follow these steps:

1.   Research on the Internet the sights of your region. A good website to visit is

2.   Decide which activities you will have done there and write down a plan in chronological order, following the diagrams we made for Marianne’s itinerary.

Eléments requis

1.  Your trip should be a four-day trip. It should include an itinerary.

2.  Give precise information about departing times and arrivals. (Use verbs such as “partir” and “arriver” when presenting and keywords on your itinerary.)

3.   Mention a minimum of 6 different sights:

a.   Say where you went and what activities you did.

b.   Give some background information on the sights.

c.   Say where you stayed. You will find hotel information on each page dedicated to the region you chose, under the title “Hébergement”.

d.   Give your opinion on each place and on each activity. (Review C.D.O on page 337 of your online textbook.)

4.   Use connecting words such as: et, mais, d’abord (first), ensuite (next), après (afterwards), et après ça (and after that), enfin/finalement (finally).

Include also alors (so, then, well, in that case) and donc (so, therefore) mentioned in “A la française” on page 331.

Conseils pratiques


  • Research and plan: 2 lessons + personal time
  • Work on PowerPoint/Keynote presentation: 1 lesson + personal time
  • Rehearsal of presentation: personal time


  • Make sure all required elements are included
  • Organize the activities in a logical order based on the itinerary you created.
  • Choose appropriate images. Your images should also be of a certain size; do not use images that are of a too low resolution, as they become pixelated when enlarged.
  • Do not include too much text, only keywords or headings in a big enough font.
  • Keep the background simple so as not to distract your audience from your main ideas.
  • Include a bibliography, citing all sources used.

Présentation :

  • Make sure your presentation will be delivered smoothly. Practice beforehand to ensure a good synchronization of your speech with your visuals.
  • You may read the text of your slides but you will need to present such headings or keywords convincingly and your voice should be loud enough.
  • You may use cue cards to help you memorize your speech but do not read from them at length. Your audience will soon find your presentation uninteresting.
  • Make sure you use vocabulary and expressions that everyone knows. Unknown vocabulary should be explained to your audience before your presentation if necessary.

Evaluation :

  • You will be evaluated against our MYP criteria C and D.
  • Review the requirements of the task on this Task Clarification Sheet.

Deadline :

Your presentation should be ready to be submitted in class on Wednesday October 8.

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