Grade 6 – Mes préférences


You will produce a recorded oral presentation entitled “Mes préférences”.

  1. To write your script, you will use your class notes and follow the format introduced in class.
  2. Once your script is completed, you will work on your visual support.

Visuals can be created in PowerPoint or Keynote format. You may want to create a presentation directly in Google docs. or upload your slides to iMovie. You should also include your recorded script to either tool and synchronize your speech with your visuals.

A few tips on the writing of your script:

  1. Include all the required elements
  2. Organize your ideas clearly to avoid repeating yourself
  3. Check your spelling as it will help your pronunciation.

A few tips on the use of visuals:

Your presentation should be visually appealing and help your audience understand what you are presenting orally.

  1. Include a title for each slide/frame (if using iMovie) to reinforce your spoken message
  2. Do not include too much text, only keywords or headings in a big enough font.
  3. Keep the background simple so as not to distract your audience from your main ideas.
  4. Use images from Google Images or Creative Commons that are relevant and specific.
  5. Your images should be of a certain size: do not use images that are of a too low resolution, as they become pixelated when enlarged.
  6. When enlarging your images, preserve the proportions by holding down the shift key while dragging a corner point.
  7. Make sure you cite your sources in your bibliography at the end of your presentation.

A few tips on the delivery of your speech

  1. Practice reading your script; make sure you know how to pronounce all vocabulary fluently. If you don’t, use a(n) (online) dictionary.
  2. Give a convincing presentation about your preferences through a lively delivery of your script and avoid reading without expression.

A few tips about combining speech and visuals

  1. Make sure you know what content of your speech goes with each slide, to ensure good synchronization of your speech with your visuals.
  2. Make your presentation dynamic by including a variety of visuals, so that your whole narration is not done over one static image.
  3. Avoid speaking too fast or on the contrary too slowly with long pauses when describing your preferences. Transitions between slides should be smooth.


Class time : Tuesday December 2nd to complete your script and begin work on your visuals.

Outside class : use of homework time to complete your project.

Make sure you have either shared your recorded presentation/iMovie with me or sent it to me as an attachment by the beginning of our class on Wednesday December 10.