Grade 7 – Preparing for your French internal exam


As mentioned earlier, this year’s French internal examination will be based on our topic “On va au café?”

Here is how you can prepare yourselves to avoid undue stress:

1) Review all the vocabulary of this unit with the use of your online textbooks or with Conjuguemos : if you scroll down to Chapitre 5, you will be able to practice the vocabulary from 1ère, 2ème and 3ème étapes.

You can review

  • with flashcards that you can download and cut up to test yourselves. Just click on the Flashcards link.
  • with the vocabulary list that you can also download and copy in your vocabulary notebooks to practice your spelling. Just click on the List of words link.
  • doing the online activity and time yourselves. Just click on the chapter section you want to practice such as Chapitre 5-1: On va au café?

2) Review your verb conjugations, particularly AVOIR and PRENDRE.

Here again, you can review with your classnotes or go to Conjuguemos :

You can scroll down to number 9 “Le présent: all verbs” to

  • test yourselves immediately or
  • start reviewing the verb chart 

3) Practice writing dialogues at a café following the models we have written in class, as you will have a written task which will include a conversation in a café situation.

4) Remember that part one of your examination will include reading comprehension texts. You will not be expected to understand every single word in the texts but you will have to use various reading strategies to decode the texts quickly and understand their meanings. You will be looking for

  • context cues such as information from pictures or from sentences surrounding the unknown words
  • headings, subtitles
  • superscript numbers referring to a vocabulary list at the bottom of the page
  • cognates

You are encouraged to see me if you have any questions regarding your preparation.

Then you can feel prepared and enjoy une menthe à l’eau!


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