Grade 8 – French internal exam preparation

As mentioned earlier, this year’s Grade 8 French internal examination on May 5th will be based on our topic “Au téléphone”.  You will have two reading selections and two written tasks to complete.

What you need to know about your written tasks and how you can prepare yourselves:

1) In your first written task you will need to recount an eventful weekend in the passé composé.

2) In your second written task you will write a telephone conversation during which your friend shares a confidence, you provide some advice and encouraging words.

What should you review?

You should go over all your notes of chapter 9 and review the following:

  • how to conjugate verbs in the passé composé.
  • how to describe events in a sequential order, using specific connectors.
  • how to express your opinion on your weekend.
  • how to make and receive a phone call.
  • how to share a confidence, give advice and words of encouragement.

Review all the dialogues you have composed in class.

Practice your vocabulary online with Conjuguemos French vocab : go to all three sections of Chapter 9, practicing either with Flashcards, List of words or the activities linked to each section.

Practice your verb conjugation online with Conjuguemos French verbs : go to the second section entitled INDICATIVE MOOD: THE COMPOUND TENSES. Choose the passé composé (with AVOIR).

What you need to know about your reading comprehension tasks and how you can prepare yourselves:

The texts you will be reading should be appropriate to your level of proficiency. You will not be expected to understand every single word in the texts but you will have to use various reading strategies to decode the texts quickly and understand their meanings.

In class, we will be reading a text about the use of the telephone and we will apply reading strategies that you will be able to put into practice during your examination. It will be important to pay attention and take notes.

You are encouraged to see me if you have any questions regarding your preparation.

Bon courage!

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