Grade 6 – e-learning “J’aime, je n’aime pas”

Bonjour la classe,

Vous aimez la neige?

Today, due to “la neige”, you have been asked to stay home and work on your different subjects through our e-learning policy. For French, I would like you to use your online textbooks and practice some exercises on what we have learned so far in our unit “Faisons connaissance!”

Please log in to your online textbooks and go to Chapitre 1  and under the tab “Faisons connaissance !” you will scroll down to select the first “Grammaire supplémentaire” title. Click on “Go!” and complete exercises 1 and 2 by clicking on the link below each exercise entitled “Cahier électronique” . Once you have opened this new window, you can start typing your answers in it. Please provide answers in full sentences. Make sure you click on “Save” to save your work.

Once you have completed both exercises, go back to the tab “Grammaire supplémentaire” and click on it to scroll down this time to the 2nd “Grammaire supplémentaire” series of exercises. Do the same as above and complete exercises 3 to 5.

When you have completed all exercises, please post them on your blogs under a new title, “Grammaire supplémentaire”. To post them, you can go back to your saved work and copy and paste your answers, which should be in full sentences.

Bon courage!

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