Grade 7 – Internal exam preparation

Le jardin des Tuileries

Le jardin des Tuileries

Essential information

Your French internal examination is on Thursday May 5. It will be testing your reading comprehension skills and your writing skills on our current topic “Amusons-nous!”.

You will be expected to read several texts for understanding and in your writing task you will need to show how well you can plan leisure activities for a weekend.

How can you prepare yourselves?

a) Practice your reading comprehension skills with two texts in your online textbooks

Click on the Book Pages tab and select Chapter 6.

  1. Select the Lisons section on pages 188-189 and read all sections 1 to 4 of the text entitled Parcs d’attractions. You can then complete all activities from A to E in your cahier électronique.
  2. Select the Mise en pratique section on pages 194-195 and complete exercise 1 in your cahier électronique.

b) Practice your writing skills with your online textbooks

Select the Mise en pratique section on pages 194-195 and complete exercise 4 in your cahier électronique.

c) Review all grammar and vocabulary

  1. Review all your notes in your handouts on chapter 6 and make sure you are able to:
    1. Ask what a friend is planning to do
    2. Tell what you are going to do
    3. Say you have no particular plans
    4. Express future plans with the verb ALLER
    5. Use time frames appropriately
    6. Remember the names for leisure activities and their corresponding places
  2. Test yourselves on all of the above online:

Click on the Review and Assess to the right of Book Pages and practice the “Self-test” activities in the navigation bar on the left. You can do activities 1(a, b, c) to 4.

3. Further practice online

Practice your vocabulary online with Conjuguemos French vocab : in ALLEZ-VIENS 1, go to section 20, Chapitre 6-1 Amusons-nous!

You can review

  • with flashcards that you can download and cut up to test yourselves. Just click on the Flashcards link.
  • with the vocabulary list that you can also download and copy in your vocabulary notebooks to practice your spelling. Just click on the List of words link.
  • doing the online activity and time yourselves. Just click on Chapitre 6-1: Amusons-nous!

Pas de panique!

Remember that the texts you will be reading should be appropriate to your level of proficiency. You will not be expected to understand every single word in the texts but you will have to use various reading strategies to decode the texts quickly and understand their meanings. You will be looking for

  • context cues such as information from pictures or from sentences surrounding the unknown words
  • headings, subtitles
  • superscript numbers referring to a vocabulary list at the bottom of the page
  • cognates

You are encouraged to see me if you have any questions regarding your preparation.

 Bon courage!

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