Grade 8 – Internal exam preparation

Oh, là, là! Le portable est vraiment dangereux à la santé!

Information essentielle

Your French internal examination is on Wednesday May 4. It will be testing your reading comprehension skills and your writing skills on our current topic “Au téléphone”.

You will be expected to read two different texts for comprehension and you will need to show how well you can describe past events in the passé composé.

Comment vous pouvez vous préparer

a) Practice

Practice your reading comprehension skills with the text entitled « Je passe ma vie au téléphone », and answer all the questions in this document.

b) Review

  1. Review all your notes in your handouts on our current topic and make sure you are able to:
    1. Conjugate verbs in the passé composé
    2. Describe events in a chronological order, using sequential connectors
    3. Express your opinion on a past weekend
    4. Make and receive a phone call
  2. Review the dialogues you have written in your “Practice & activity” booklets, as they will be useful models for essay writing and in your “Travaux pratiques de grammaire” workbooks you are encouraged to review all sentence structures in the passé composé.

c) Further practice online

Practice your vocabulary online with Conjuguemos French vocab : go to sections 1 and 2 of Chapter 9, practicing either with Flashcards, List of words or the activities linked to each section.

Practice your verb conjugation online with Conjuguemos French verbs : go to the second section entitled INDICATIVE MOOD: THE COMPOUND TENSES. Choose the passé composé (with AVOIR).

Pas de panique!

The texts you will be reading should be appropriate to your level of proficiency. You will not be expected to understand every single word in the texts but you will have to use various reading strategies to decode the texts quickly and understand their meanings.

You are encouraged to see me if you have any questions regarding your preparation.

Bon courage!


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