Grade 9 – e-learning for Tuesday January 23

Bonjour la classe,

As school is closed today, please find your assignment for today’s lesson:

You will prepare for an individual oral next week on our topic « A la maison».

Your oral will include 3 parts:          

  • a role-play
  • an oral presentation
  • a conversation

Your resources:

In your booklets « AV2_2 Livret maison » you will go to page 7 entitled « Parler » and you will prepare your oral with the help of the questions in section 3.

How to prepare for your role-play

Based on the instructions in this section, you will need to provide information about your house, which you want to exchange with a French family. You will be performing a role-play, over the phone, trying to convince the family that your house would be ideal. Use the questions given as prompts to prepare your responses.

How to prepare for your presentation

Your second task will be to give a short description, not longer than one minute, of your bedroom. Use the questions given in section 3 « Prépare une petite description de ta chambre » to work on your presentation. You may also use the notes you took in class on this topic to add more information.

How to prepare for the conversation

The last part of your oral will be a general conversation related to our topic. Prepare the questions given in section 3 « Réponds aux questions suivantes » to prepare yourself for this question and answer session.

Bonne chance!



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