Grade 8 Classwork for Wednesday February 6







During the first half of this class, you will research about Arles, following the directions given in this previous blog post. Make good use of the Activity Sheets you were given in class on Monday and you need to post the results of your investigations on your blogs.

During the second half, you will continue working with your online textbooks: you will read the text of “Mise en Train” in Chapter 9. You may want to watch the video as well as listen to the audio files before answering questions 1 to 6. Make sure you save your answers on your “cahier électronique” before publishing them on your blogs.

Enjoy discovering Arles!

Grade 8 Classwork for Monday January 21

You will go to your online textbooks (or use a hard copy from the classroom) and review the grammar learnt so far in chapter 8.

You will need to go to all three Etapes of Grammaire supplémentaire in chapter 8, in order to complete all exercises 1 to 12.

Post your answers on your blogs after copying them from your “cahier  électronique”. Make sure you have pasted complete sentences and not just words.



Grade 8 Projet: “Tu as passé un bon week-end?”

How well can you recount past events or personal happenings in the passé-composé ?

Using the grammar and vocabulary learnt in our unit “Au téléphone”, you will create in pairs a dialogue in a comic strip format using Comic Life. The theme of your conversation will be a past week-end. Your comic strip will include the following:

  • At least ten speech bubbles in which your characters will describe their weekends.
  • A range of verbs to tell in the past what your characters did or what happened to them.
  • The use of sequential words to structure your story.
  • Your characters’ opinions on their weekends.

A few recommendations:

  • Try to produce a comic strip that is attractive in terms of design, layout and neatness.
  • Make sure there is a good balance of text and graphics and that your graphics support the theme of your comic strip.
  • Check that your information is well-organized, following a logical sequence.
  • Is your writing free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes? Check if your punctuation is correct throughout the comic strip.
  • Make sure you submit your script for proofreading before your presentation to the class on Wednesday, January 25.

Some more advice from Le Chat by Philippe Geluck and some past projects to inspire your creativity!












Projet de Ayaka et Tanja

Projet de Monica et Tessa

Grade 8 Allez, viens en Arles!

Our new topic “Au téléphone” takes place in the city of Arles in southern France.

Before exploring this topic, let’s discover Arles with the help of our online textbooks.

You will need to go to and log in with your username and password.

  1. Go to Allez viens en Arles
    1. Click on the Book pages tab and read the basic facts about Arles. Go on to read the introduction, pages 1 to 5 and the conclusion.
    2. Click on the Video tab and watch the video on Arles.
  2. Click on the Internet activities tab on the right hand side of the page and you will be taken to the Arles front page.
    1. Click on Arles to complete your online activities.
    2. Using your activity sheet, you will complete activities A to E by exploring different aspects of Arles on the suggested websites.

At the end of all activities, you will post your answers on your blogs under the following heading: Allez, viens en Arles!


Grade 8 e-learning for today

Bonjour grade 8, nous n’avons pas de classe aujourd’hui mais vous pouvez étudier à la maison:

1. Votre projet “Adoptez cet animal”

Now that your posters are completed, your next steps are to work on the voice recordings of your scripts.

Your finished projects will be in digital formats (Vimeo or VoiceThread) and they will include the posters you designed together with your oral recordings.

You will need to submit your completed projects, embedded in your blogs, by Friday September 30.

2. Votre interview

Prepare for your interviews by practicing the questions on your handouts or check yesterday’s blog entry for a complete list of the questions and interview times.

Bon courage!

Grade 8 Interviews

Préparez les questions suivantes pour votre interview:

Description d’un membre de ta famille

  1. Présente cette personne.
  2. Comment s’appelle-t-il/elle ?
  3. Quel âge a-t-il/elle ?
  4. Comment est-il/elle physiquement ?
  5. Comment est son caractère ?
  6. Qu’est-ce qu’il/elle aime faire ? 

Présentation de ton ami(e)

  1. Présente cette personne et dit comment il/elle s’appelle.
  2. Il/elle est comment ? (Décris le physique et le caractère)
  3. Il/elle a des frères ou des soeurs ?
  4. Son père/sa mère est comment ?
  5. Ton ami(e), qu’est-ce qu’il/elle aime faire comme passe-temps ?
  6. Qu’est-ce que tu fais avec ton ami(e) quand vous avez du temps libre ?

Les tâches domestiques

  1. Chez toi, qui doit débarrasser la table après le dîner ?
  2. Qui doit sortir la poubelle ?
  3. Est-ce que tu dois aider à la maison ?
  4. Tu aides souvent ?
  5. Pourquoi /pourquoi pas ?
  6. Quelle(s) tâche(s) domestique(s) est-ce que tu dois faire ?
  7. Quelle(s) tâche(s) domestique(s) est-ce que tu ne dois pas faire? Et qui doit la/les faire?
  8. Quelle tâche domestique est-ce que tu aimes faire ? Pourquoi ?
  9. Quelle tâche domestique est-ce que tu n’aimes pas faire ? Pourquoi ?
  10. En général, est-ce que tu peux sortir le week-end ?

Asking for, giving and refusing permission

  1. Ask permission to do the following (go to the cinema/to the restaurant/do a sport etc.)
  2. Ask permission to do something, using a different French expression
  3. Give permission to a request
  4. Give permission to a request and add a condition with “si”
  5. Refuse permission to a request
  6. Refuse permission to a request and mention a chore that must be done.

Check your times below: