Grade 7 Interviews individuelles

Which sports do you like? What are your favourite pastimes?






During your individual interviews, you will

  • say what you like and how much
  • talk about your activities according to the weather and seasons
  • say how often you do certain activities
  • suggest to do some specific activities

Refer to your interview sheet to prepare well and check your times below so as not to miss your interviews.

Bonne chance!


Grade 7 Mon voyage à Paris

Vous allez faire un voyage à Paris pour un week-end.

Qu’est-ce que vous allez visiter?

Qu’est-ce que vous allez faire?




As a conclusion to our unit on leisure activities, we are going to explore the sights of Paris and plan a week-end trip including sightseeing and various leisure activities.

At the end of this individual project, you will give an oral presentation with a visual support (PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi) on your weekend visit of Paris.


  1. Research the monuments and sights of Paris illustrated on your planning sheet: identify them and then look for information on their official sites on the Internet. Additionally, you may review the places mentioned in Mise en Train and also in Mise en Pratique in your online textbook.
  2. On your planning sheet, you will then list eight places of interest and decide what you are going to do there. Write full sentences using the future form with ALLER. Among your activities, you should include trips to the cinema, theatre, opera, café or restaurant.
  3. Under the section “Arrange your ideas chronologically”, you will rearrange the order of your visit by adding time frames such as days, times of the day and times.
  4. Say with whom you are going to go and use the pronoun “on” to describe what you and your company are going to do.
  5. Use connecting words such as : et, mais, d’abord (first), ensuite (next), après ça (afterward), enfin (finally).
  6. Your visual support should have headings and images for each place of interest. Avoid including too much text. While presenting orally, you will provide all relevant details in a convincing manner. You will need to rehearse your presentation to make sure the delivery of your speech is synchronized with your visuals.
  7. Include the sources of your pictures in your bibliography at the end of your presentation.


You will have three class periods and personal time to complete this project. Make sure you submit your script the day before your presentation for proofreading.

Bonne visite !



Grade 7 Summative Tasks

In order to prepare for your upcoming summative tasks this week, make sure you review well our current unit “Amusons-nous!”.

Go to your online textbook, select chapter 6 and under the tab “Review and Assess” you will find the self-test that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you complete this test by doing all the activities listed in the left hand side column.

For your interviews, you can access the review document here. Your times are as follows:












Bonne chance !


Grade 7 Exam Study Guide

Your examination on Thursday April 26 will cover several aspects of our current unit “Amusons-nous!” It will include a reading-comprehension component and a writing component.

In order to fully prepare yourselves, you are advised to practice on the material that we have already covered and you also need to pay careful attention during the lessons leading up to the exam. Giving high priority to your studies during this crucial time is important if you are to be successful in your French exam.

What you need to review:

  • The vocabulary specific to leisure activities
  • The vocabulary needed to describe places
  • Expressions used to ask about future plans and to tell what you are going to do
  • The conjugation of the verb ALLER and how to say that you are going to do something in the future
  • How to say what you are going to do on a specific day of the week as opposed to an activity done regularly on a certain day of the week
  • Contractions with the preposition “à”

How you can practice:
Go to your online textbook, “Chapitre 6”, “1ère Etape”, “Book Pages” and do the following exercises:

  • 10 and 11 on pages 174-175
  • 13 on page 176
  • 14 on page 177
  • “Grammaire supplémentaire” pages 190-191

You will be able to test yourselves with the interactive exercises entitled “Jeu” that appear in sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 of 1ère Etape. If you would like to check your answers to the other exercises mentioned previously, let me know during class and we can set aside some time before Thursday 26 when you can check them with me.

In order to prepare for your reading comprehension component, you are encouraged to read the “Lisons” section of your textbook on pages 188-189 and try to answer the questions online. For copyright reasons, the text itself is only available in print format. I will make printouts for those students who do not have a hard copy of the textbook.

Bonne révision et bonne chance!

Grade 7 Reflections on our Unit « On va au café ? »










Les joueurs de cartes, Paul Cézanne (Musée d’Orsay)

Our previous online task was to familiarize ourselves with the famous sights of Paris and the first stage of our topic introduced us to the foods and drinks served in French cafés.

Now that we are able to explore several “cafés parisiens”, let’s reflect on our Significant Concept, “French cafés as social institutions”. What roles have they played in French society?

Our Area of Interaction, “Human ingenuity”, also prompts us to reflect on how French cafés have evolved over the centuries, what impact they have had on French society and what future developments we can foresee.

Finally, let’s find some answers to our Unit Question, “What does the café have to offer that makes it still a popular tradition in any community?”

Paris has many famous cafés, which have, over the years, attracted numerous artists, writers and philosophers from around the world. With a partner you will investigate one such café (or similar establishment known as bistro or brasserie)and post the answers to your research on your blogs. Specifically, you will be required to answer the following with as many details as you can find:

  • Historical background of your café
  • Names of the famous people who frequented your café
  • The reason or purpose for those people to go to this café. Did they have a particular activity going on in this café?
  • Has your café been at the origin of some changes in French society? Has it had any impact on any aspect of French society?
  • Is this café playing the same role nowadays and why/why not?
  • If you can have access to some figures, would you say that the number of cafés in France is generally increasing or decreasing? How would you explain this trend? What future developments can we foresee? Are there any new types of cafés that you are aware of?
  • French cafés have existed for more than three hundred years. What is it that makes cafés still a popular tradition? Explore several aspects of your café and report on its location, its atmosphere, its menu and prices. From your results, what would you say contributes to making it a popular place?

Voici la liste des cafés parisiens:

Grade 7 On va au café?

This homework is to help you become more familiarized with the vocabulary of our unit on a French café.

Log in to your online textbooks and go to chapter 5 “On va au café?”.

Click on the Book pages tab and select the Mise en Train section on pages 142-144. Go through all sections from Stratégie to number 10. Practice your listening skills by listening to all dialogues. (Click on the sound button in each section.) Repeat after each dialogue to practice your speaking skills. Make sure you have a good understanding of the story before starting the exercises. You may want to listen one more time to the whole episode while following with the text by clicking on the Play all button above Activités.

Go to the Activités menu and do activities 1 to 4. Save your answers on the Cahier électronique.

Post all your answers to the above exercises on your blogs under the unit title On va au café? You may copy and paste your answers directly on your blogs or post screen shots of your answers. You are expected to write full sentences as much as possible.

Deadline: Beginning of class on Friday, January 20.

Grade 7 Allez, viens à Paris! (suite)

What have you discovered during your research?

You will share your results with the class in the form of a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation entitled “Les attractions de Paris”.

Your presentation, made up of about ten slides, will include the elements described below. For (1) and (2) you will not only include pictures of the sights but also maps indicating their locations in Paris and the reason why you would like to visit those sights, beginning your sentences with “Je voudrais visiter… parce que…”

  1. One tourist attraction that you discovered with the help of the clues given in exercise B.
  2. Based on the link Popular places of Paris, given in Activités Internet, you will include:
    1. One monument
    2. One museum
    3. One leisure park
    4. One religious building or castle
  3. Based on the Paris website choose
    1. A sports event that took place or will take place in Paris
    2. A sport for young people to do in Paris over the winter holidays
    3. An unusual sport

Make sure to add your bibliography on your last slide.