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Grade 3 Reflection on “What is Music?”

Students created human graphs to show agreement or disagreement in response to provocative statements as part of a reflection on their recent Unit of Inquiry.

  1. Music can be any sound, as long as a person makes that sound into music.
  2. John Cage was right when he said music was organised time buckets filled with sound, noise or silence.
  3. There is more than one way for an audience to behave or a performer to behave.
  4. Music is always a song and should sound nice.

The left side of the human graph is the “disagree” position and the right side is the “agree” position.

Some students were interviewed on why they chose their positions:

Grade 4 Musical Detectives

Grade 4 students have been musical detectives while figuring out a melody they know. They discovered how many pitches were in the song, showed the high and low pitches on their bodies and then sang in solfa (so, la, mi) with handsigns. Then they showed the shape of the melody on the board before figuring out how to write it on a two line stave! Great detective work!