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Kindergarten- People use a variety of languages to communicate their ideas and feelings

Kindergarten students are inquiring into how can we tell a story using music to express feelings and ideas. First, students discussed what they thought an idea is and what a feeling is. Then we read the Dr. Suess story; ‘My Many Colored Days’, which links feelings to colours and animals. Students have since been linking percussion instruments with each feeling/colour to help tell the story through music. To do this, students have inquired into the musical opposites – high/low, soft/loud and fast/slow. They have discovered that an instrument can sound really different, depending on how it is played – if you play a woodblock slowly and softly, for example, is can sound like ‘brown’, but if you play it fast and loudly, it sounds more like orange!

“An idea is when you want to do something and you make a plan” Cole.

“A feeling is also if you feel to drink water, or if you feel colour or if you feel pain” Silas.

“A feeling is if you’re happy or sad” Caden….. “or angry” Grace.

“When you feel like you want to make a disco then that’s feelings” Emma…..”it’s like you’re feeling an idea” Cole

“Ideas are when you want to know something” Yuri…..”It’s like when you really want to have a really good idea” Grace.