Last week we saw a volleyball game. The teams were YIS and a Nagoya school.  YIS lost the first round and the Nagoya school won.  I was kinda sad but happy because the Nagoya volleyball team came all the way to Yokohama just to play a volleyball game with YIS.   The people in the audience were mostly cheering  for YIS.  I only saw a bit of people  cheering for the Nagoya team.  I wanted to see the rest of the volleyball game but we had to go. Next time I go to a volleyball game I am going to cheer more louder.  I had lots of fun watching the volleyball game.


Your knowledge on Mathletics

This week we did math stations and my favorite station is  mathletics  because we can do a math web site .  Live mathletics is  great  and you can go against the world like New york . Live mathletics is a game where you answer math question and the winner is a the one with the most right answer. I am good at level 5.There is 10 levels level ten is so hard, I am not joking.I like this math sites  because it makes me think and get better at math.Are there any more good web site that can make me learn?



Mr.McCreath showed us about what the Earth used to look like a long time ago.I think the activity was trying to teach us how all the continents were all connected.I learned by watching a video.I think What i am going to do next is seeing what the Earth looks like and what it is connected too.I am interested what I am going to do next!


Creators of a Rhythm

A few weeks ago we started an activity in drama. We came up with ideas of a theme to create rhythm, but we had to create different beats and make it match with both the sounds, and theme. A lot of people used some props to help make our ideas more realistic. There was a restaurant theme, park theme, and ocean theme. They were all very interesting, but last drama class we videotaped every performance. The skills we used were to make a decision on what theme to choose, had fun with the rhythm, focused, practiced, and tried to make it as unique as possible. Most everybody liked this activity.(11%13) I hope that we can do have another cool experience like this again sometime! Drama Blog Link For Grade Four Activity: http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/ericksonl/category/2015-2016/grade-4-20152016/

My Juicy Book

This book is so good! At the  beginning of the week I started reading a fantastic book called Ramona and her Father by Beverly Cleary. When I first pulled out the book I said “why not read it?” then I started reading and I really liked it. I learned that you shouldn’t just say no to a book if you haven’t read the introduction. Here is the first part of the book. There is a girl named Ramona and she was writing a pay list is when she gets a surprise gift from her dad. Her favorite treat is a whopper Burger because she likes sitting in a booth snuggled in with her family. Ramona liked all of the nice waitresses and how every time they came they say “here is your food I hope you enjoy”. And the part that I am in the middle of reading is Ramona and her older sister Beezus are at beezus’s bedroom door and her mom and dad are whispering about something that they didn’t  know about. This book Makes me feel like I am in it. I like this book and recommend it to everyone even adults because it is fun and interesting and very very very juicy.

I hope you read this book and like it! There were really interesting words such as indignant or criticism even subdued.

I hope you like this book!


Cross Country

We ran in the park and practiced for cross country day. We started by running together then we ran laps by ourselves. We are going to go to Negishi park to practice, I am so excited. last year I went to Tokyo with Luca and Morris, running in Tokyo was fun and hard to run up stairs. I hope I will go to Tokyo again!

group picture!

Art is the Best!

Last week we had Art class. We were working on our plants and drawing crazy stuff. I learned how to do the shading and coloring. I drawed a plant with a thin stem and a T-shirt and buildings around for the background.A lot of people did a minecraft background and character background.

Here is a link to Mr. Reed’s art blog to find out more about our drawings.


Student council

I can’t believe it is  going to be my second official student council meeting.I think it is cool meeting up because I like discussing with other  people. Also it is very interesting because I keep on hearing different ideas. I learned how to find  problems. With this knowledge I can make this school a better place. I think it is like rechecking my homework because when I double check I look if i did something wrong. My questions are when is the last meeting and am I going to say something in assembly?  

Transforming Art

Last week we finished Transforming our plants into our imagination, I added a cat to my picture. I used my imagination to put the plant in a globe and make a mini world with tiny native-Americans, night skies and  constellations it felt like the best picture i’ve ever drawn it reminds me of the last place I lived , it was nice. I don’t know what to add next!