How we express ourselves

I can’t believe that we started on a new unit called “How we express ourselves”, this is our third unit. We had to do an activity also we had to write the main words of the central idea and the meanings. When we finished it we made our own central idea. I really feel happy because we started our third unit and till now it is really fun. I think this unit is going to be really interesting because we are going to learn about how media can influence us.  I already learned a lot. I learned what media means and the types of media. Also I learned about our central idea. In our first unit we did the same activity so I already knew what to do My question that I have on this unit are are we going to have a field trip? Are we going to make our own ads? Are we going to learn about all of the kinds of medias?I think this unit is going to be really interesting because the central idea sounds fascinating.

Advertising awareness

The Grade 4s had a quick walk down to Motomachi shopping street to think about the concept of function for our new central idea; The media can influence thinking and behaviour.  The class spent time observing and recording their connections in front of the Gap.  During the discussion that followed the students identified some of the techniques used by advertisers such as contrast, repetition, images, music, displays, and more. It was a great opportunity to view how our central idea relates to what we see around us everyday.  The class then extended their knowledge in the classroom by searching magazines and newspapers for examples of contrast, logos, slogans, and fonts.  It should be interesting to see how 4F apply their knowledge to their own advertisements and media creations.


Art project

In the past two weeks at art we were playing a game about graphic designers. Every class gets to try different things to learn about C.U.B (Contrast Unity Balanced). I learned what unity and contrast means. I think the game is fun and exciting. When we finish the game there is a extra project and in that project you have to use what you learned. An example of unity is when the colors are light or dark. An example of contrast is when it is obvious that someone is different.My questions are, what are we going to do after this designers game?

Multiplication Test

 This week’s amazing Tuesday we had a multiplication test! It wasn’t too hard because we practiced and a lot learned a lot before the test. We practiced 4 strategies, the 1st strategy was repeated addition and it is about keep on adding on, the 2nd strategy is algorithm which is following steps, the 3rd strategy is expanded addition it is separating the numbers into parts and the final strategy was doubles, which is multiplying by 2 and using that answer and multiplying that by 2 and next use that number and multiply that by 2. We personally thought that the test was fun and a little hard for some people.

By William,Kenta and Joshua the editor

Explaining Our Research

Last Tuesday we began to working on our research projects about How The World Works. Everybody was researching on different things about Earth. We thought that this project was hard yet fun. We thought it was hard because we had to research a lot about our topic, and we thought it was fun because we got to make a model and take a video of our explanation. After that, we practiced seeing ourselves on camera. We also got to dress up as scientists. The thinking skills we used were to predict what will happen, use what we know in a new way, and make a mental picture and describe it. I think this was a great project to do because we got to be a scientist. We thought this was such a fantastic experience for 4F. We hope we can do it again.  By Kyoka and Rise

Exploring in Class

This week on Monday I found something that really got my attention.   We came up with a list of words that meant the same as these two questions: what is play and what is creating? After we wrote all the different words down on the whiteboard there were about 50 that described the question . Then we were split up into groups and we had to write what the we thought we should do with a period to do what we wanted. I think that this idea was very good because this time is to play and make things together to learn to communicate to each other. I enjoyed making the list.   I am looking forward to making models of different landscape like mountains, volcano and the sea. I am thinking of also making a model of a house out of wood.

Arty Avatars!



Last week we created our avatars for an art website, mine is a cat holding heather plants it was hard drawing the details, but it was so worth it! We designed our avatars purely from our minds, or based it off a picture on the internet. My cat’s name is HeatherTail, I chose heather in it’s mouth because her name is Heathertail, I also chose a cat because I really like cats and I want people to see me as a cat on the internet. But some people chose monsters, dragons, etc, etc. Whichever type It is, it looks amazing! We were able to take them home to work on them but, most people chose not to. I thought it was super fun! Have an artsy day! 😉

Food Fair

On November 8th Y.I.S hosted Food Fair. There was a lot of fun games to play. The games were knock out, throwing beanbags into hoops, pulling strings to get a lucky number and some prizes, we had many more fun activities as well. The reason why the name is Food Fair is because there are booths from all of the different countries from where students come from. Anyone can come even if the guests are not from Y.I.S. Food fair is for fun and you get to eat all sorts of delicious food. We have food fair so the school community will get to know each other. I saw people experiencing new foods Food fair is an amazing event.

Let’s Learn Words

The meaning of the investigation is studying words.There are 11 boxes about the words for example: the definition, sentence and syllables, drawing, suffix, prefix, and words that have similar parts. The most useful box is where it tells the definition. Some skills that we learned are describing the word and finding out where it comes from. These words are connected to UOI, this can help us by giving us a word wall to look at when we don’t know, it also helps us to understand out UOI.  


Cross Country

Cross country is coming up and everybody is excited but nervous.  Every year we go to Negishi park and have a cross country run. It is a huge event and many people come to watch.  Each year three boys and three girls represent their grade in a bigger race in Tokyo.  The length of one lap at Negishi park is 1.3 km, two laps is 2.6 km but if you go to Tokyo it is very hard.    Oliver, Nevo and Daan are going to Tokyo for grade four in the two lap boys race.  I learned some strategies like sprinting at the start and then keeping a pace, and it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun.  I wonder what will happen next year.

These are the people for fourth grade in the 2 lap race.

Inline image 1

Phebe, Maia and Kyoka

Inline image 1

   Daan, Nevo, and Oliver