Last week was hour of code week. It is a week when people try to make as many classes in the world do our of code. HOC (hour of code) is where you learn how to program things like games. There are different types of coding lessons like the Minecraft one. In our class we had the option to do 4 different ones, lightbot, a Frozen one, a Minecraft one or a Star Wars one. These are the links if you want to do HOC too. This is the link to Lightbot and this is the link to the Frozen, Minecraft and the Star Wars coding lessons. I think coding is important for kids future life because they need to learn how to code.

4F in Shibuya

4F examined our central idea of media influencing thinking and behaviour at what is probably the busiest intersection in the world.  We looked at how advertisers target specific audiences through images, fonts, colours and displays.  Here are some thoughts and reflections from the students about the trip:

  • Lots of repeated advertisements so you could see them from everywhere.
  • Big, loud, colourful, to grab attention.
  • Different from Motomachi, more screens, instead of posters, they used screens.
  • Shops used heat to try and get customers inside.
  • Lots of products attached Star Wars to their name to sell themselves.
  • We saw lots of examples of contrast, font, colour, the next step is we can make our own.
  • More 3D things, turning, louder, more music, almost too much.
  • Compared to Motomachi, a lot more posters covering doors.
  • They used lots of examples of celebrities to sell their products, Ethos.  Bands, Taylor swift, Katie Perry.
  • I learned that it is all competing for your attention, and paying a lot for it.


Spirit Week!

This super week we had a special event called Spirit Week! On Monday It was called role reversal day. I dressed up as Mr. Read and many of the kids in 4F dressed up as Mr. McCreath ( Except for Maya who dressed up as Mss. Edward).On Tuesday it was dragons day where we all wore red if your grade number was even and white if it’s odd. On Wednesday it was star wars day! It got kinda dangerous with kids holding light sabers and fingers flying everywhere 🙁 The last spirit week day is on Thursday and called…. Me in the future day!  Were meant to dress up in what we want to be in the future like for example William who wants to become a Paleontology and Kyoka who wants to become a Olympics swimmer! I learned that you should plan out all the costumes a week before so you’re not stressed in the morning and late for school. I really enjoyed spirit week! I think Elementary Student Council did a great job planning spirit week and am looking forward to what they will plan next.


The City Of Ember

For the past 5 weeks we were reading a book called city of ember. This book is a realistic fiction, about a city that only have street lights and when they go out, it’s pitch black. Sometimes it goes off randomly and they get longer and longer and they need someone to save them! We thought it was really fun because there were a lot of problems. We learned that you should use materials wisely. We are going to read the second of City Of Ember it is called the people of sparks. it looks really good only by the cover but remember don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This connects to a trailer watched and the movie was the city of ember. We wonder what is going to be the ending of city of sparks?

The Great Game

The Great Game

The past few weeks we’ve been playing a game in art class with Mr.Reed.  We worked in partners of our choice and  were asked to complete ten tasks.  The point of the game was to have fun and learn about graphic designers but also learn about CUB which stands for contrast, unity, and balance, some of the thing we need to learn for our unit.  The first task was just learning about what a graphic designer and how to be like one.  When we completed the challenge we went and talked to mr.Reed who could give us -2 if we didn’t do anything related to the challenge +5 if we did well on the challenge or a 5+2 if we did super.  I learned that if you work together you can accomplish anything. also learned about contrast, unity, and balance (CUB) which really helps me in the unit.balance (CUB) which helps me in the unit.               Screen-Shot-2015-12-16-at-14.00.10-25qdnjx-300x173

Pathos Logos and Ethos

This week is our last week until winter break. We studied pathos, logos, and ethos. Our class had cut out advertisements and we had to find out if they went into pathos logos, or ethos. Then Mr.McCreath chose one of the posters to go up on display. We learned that pathos means emotion, logos means reason, and ethos means moral character. I think this activity was a fun way to learn because we got to work in a group and I think sometimes if you work in a group you can put your brains together and find out the answers faster. What I will do with the information that I have is try to understand it better and get better at finding examples of each in advertisements. I learned this by working in a group and making a poster about pathos, ethos and logos. I think that the whole class enjoyed the activity because it made you confused and some of the advertisements were quite challenging.  The class did a good job organising the different advertisements into pathos, ethos, and logos. Do you think pathos, logos, and ethos will help you with persuasive writing?


P.S.E With Ms. Kumamoto

 On Monday Ms. Kumamoto came to class to talk about bullying. Ms. Kumamoto read a book called “My Secret Bully”. The story is about a girl who gets bullied by another girl who used to be her best friend but her other good friend was too scared to stand up. We talked about what the girl that was scared to stand up could of done. I learned a lot about how to stop bullying and what to do if you had a secret bully. A lot of the kids saw the same situations on the playground and could connect. The thinking skills we used in P.S.E were making connections and making a mental picture. I am excited to learn more about bullying and maybe even cyber bullying. Do you know more about bullying?



The Magic of Media

22992333564_8dd8f38cd7_bThe past few weeks have been fun but last week was definitely the best of them all. We did an activity where we had a Y chart, which is an A3 piece of paper with a big Y on it. We worked with two partners and wrote “Influence” on one side and “Media” on the other. On each side we wrote many different words that were related. In the top part of the Y, we created our own logos and a sentence to describe the words. To me, making a logo was my favourite part because it helped me better understand the meaning and use my creativity. The skills we used were to make connections, and use what we know in a new way. I plan to use my knowledge for projects in the future like researching, drawing, and more fun.

Keep calm and learn on!



During this amazing week we made our own pie charts. We started by making a question then everyone wrote what they liked the most and more. After that we gathered all the information and made it in a pie chart. I think it was quite interesting because you could see what other people think. Also it was fun because it is new. I learned how to make a google form and how to make a pie chart. I learned it by watching Mr.McCreath doing it and using what I know in a new way. With this knowledge I can make better graphs and collect lots of information. This makes me think about what I did in grade 3 because we made bar graphs and line graphs. Can I make a pie graph without the computer? How many kinds of graphs are there?


Division Strategies

This week we learned how to make groups and divide with our unit cubes. I learned that division is basically the opposite of multiplication. It was hard at first because sometimes I forget which order I’m meant to do. Playing with the blocks helped me find the answer for the division questions. I want to know more about division and new easier strategies to get the answers.

working book and unit blocks.