The next step for 4F.

The class took blogging a step further this Wednesday by learning about commenting on a blog post. We had a great discussion about why we comment, then looked at the ladder of feedback as a model for commenting on each other’s posts.  Next, the class came up with sentence starters for each rung of the ladder, and we created a page on the blog for reference (see Comment Protocol) when writing comments.

I firmly believe that this will give students more tools to continue exploring ideas that are relevant to them by validating each other’s ideas, and continuing a dialogue. The process of commenting on blogs will also also continue to reinforce the reading and writing skills of asking questions about texts, making connections, justifying opinions, organizing ideas into paragraphs, and revising written work. It should be interesting to see how topics and activities that were previously discussed resurface.   ladder-150x150

I encourage all of you to help in our online discussion by checking out the comment protocol page, and commenting on any post you like.

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