Catapult Battle!

Last week was smashing fun! Mr. McCreath gave us an instruction sheet on how to make a catapult. We had to follow the instructions and make a catapult. We also created cool team names. After we finished making our catapults we had a battle. The rules were you and your team had to take turns shooting their pom-poms or dice into the blue bucket, which was 2 meters away from your table. The team who got the most pom-poms or dice in the bucket, would win chocolate mushrooms! The “Annihilators” won but the “Fire Flies” were a close second.
I learned how to work as a team, and that it’s more important to have a good quality catapult then having a pretty one. One of the most important skills we used were think, make and improve. These words mean “Does it work? Does it last?” and “Is it cool?”. We used these words to help us make the catapult. 4F really enjoyed learning the process of creating things to work, last and making it to look cool. We also enjoyed doing the battle! I am excited to learn about what we are going to do next!


How we organize ourselves

I can’t believe it we started a new unit called how we organize ourselves. Our central idea is Choices can be valued and vary in different societies. We had to make the central idea with our own words and take a image that is related.We thought it helped us understand the central idea through learning the vocabulary. This might come in handy in the summative task in the end of the unit. It connects to the last unit because we did the same activity. What are we going to learn and how are we going to learn it? What kind of activities are we going to do?


Making Thumbnail Logos

This week in art we are making thumbnail logos that are related to our unit.  The reason we are making thumbnails is to use in our drama video that we are doing.  A thumbnail logo is a sketch about the size of your hand.  I am doing one on Van Der Poel a orphanage for kids to use in our video.  I am looking forward to making another one!! This week’s art project was great!!  Here are some examples!!

Math Operations Game

Math Games Mixed Operations


This week we played a math game called multi-operation-blackout. One person rolls three die then for three minutes and do as many operations using those numbers. By the end of the three minutes the team with the most numbers on their board wins. When we Do the operations we put brackets. For example (6×4)+2=26. The benefit of playing this game is that you can learn and practice math operations. We think that it is a fun game and more people should know about it. After you read this we encourage you to play this game too.


Our school just had an amazing author visit. Her name is Naomi Shihab Nye and she writes spectacular poetry and many stories. We met her in the library and we had lots of fun activities to do. I learnt that anything is possible no matter what age you’re at. She said that she loved writing ever since she could hold a pencil. She was fascinated about stories her family read her. I love what she is writing and even though I just met her, I can tell that she is a very nice person. Here is one thing she said to the American Academy of Poets. “A boy told me, if he roller-skated fast enough, his loneliness couldn’t catch up to him, the best reason I’ve ever heard for trying to be a champion.” from “The Rider” Naomi Shihab Nye.

She writes from the heart and puts her thoughts in a little note book everyday. I think that many of us got inspired and want to grow up to be like her someday. Remember to keep writing and reading, you never know what’s gonna happen.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 13.03.51

4F on 1 chair

The past two days in drama we tried to put 14 people on a chair! We gave everyone numbers so 1 goes first and 14 goes last We thought it was really challenging because it wasn’t a big chair, but after some tries we accomplished it. We learned how to work as team and when you’re on the chair you have to hold each other really good. With
 this information we could other challenging thing because we know how to work as a team and corporate.What else can we do with this experience?Are we going to do anything like this in the future?

By Morris and Nevo

E Learning for Monday, January 18th


Good morning class and parents,
It is our first snow day of the year.  It is cold, wet, and slippery outside so if you do decide to go out to play, please be careful.   I have made an outline of some possible tasks to do if you want to continue your learning today.  All of the tasks are optional so if you have other plans, you don’t have to do these, but if you finish and want to share, please send me an email or google doc with your learning in it.

Make an advertisement for being safe in the snow.  It can be a short video, poster or single slide, or a song.  Think about your target audience, how you will use colour, font, slogans, pathos, logos, ethos?  Write three to five sentences about why you used the strategies you used.

1. Go on mathletics and complete some of your tasks, or, teach someone in your house how to play multi operation blackout.  Remember you don’t need a hundred board or ten sided dice, you could just make a list of all the numbers you make using the four operations and some 6 sided dice.  If you really want a ten sided dice, use this virtual dice.

2. Find some graphs online about the snowfall in Yokohama or Japan.  What keywords would you use to search?

Language Arts (Reading and Writing)
1.Read your book for at least 20 minutes and then summarize what you read to someone in your house.  Tell them the main idea, some supporting details, and your opinion about the book.
2 Write a short persuasive piece about why we should or should not go to school when it is snowing.  Remember to include your opinion, a couple of reasons with details and examples, and then a conclusion.


Have a great and safe day and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Hello everyone and happy new year.  The class was very busy this week writing, revising, and editing their good copies of their persuasive campaigns so I thought I would take a turn on the blog.  As we approach the end of our How We Express Ourselves UOI the class has been consolidating their understanding of our Central Idea and Key Concepts through creating and viewing advertisements while thinking about perspective and responsibility.  We also began looking at what makes an effective presentation as the students will have to present their persuasive writing next week.  In math we have been using Venn diagrams to explore multiples, and played a great game to explore multiple operations and consolidate basic fact skills.  More importantly the class welcomed Chahel Punj, our new student who joins us from Malaysia.  It is great to watch how quickly the class community helped to make Chahel’s transition to his new school a smooth one.  Next week should be back to normal with the regular posts created by the students.