This Wednesday we experienced a new government system called dictatorship.  At snack we all  had the same snack. We thought it was interesting because we never did that before . It felt hopeless,scared and we cared only about ourselves. We were scared because if 24880509669_2a304a470awe did something bad or didn’t obey our leader he gave us a punishment.  So we didn’t talk to our friends.  Our learning was quiet and focused and we had to write about our dear leader, we also wrote a poem about our dear leader, there were spies so we worried about our classmates watching us or telling on us.  Everyone was selfish.    Our questions are: What does dictatorship look like in real life?  If we lived in a real dictatorship we think our life will be poor,stressed  and hard working.

Craziness of Anarchy Day

The past few days were crazy and confusing but, the craziest day of all was Anarchy day. Anarchy day was when there were no rules except for some safety guides. The teachers tricked us by setting up an environment that made us go crazy and act like monkeys in the zoo.  There was loud music and flashing images. Some of us threw whiteboard erasers and paper cups at the whiteboard which had a drawing of policemen, but others smashed a broken computer with a hammer and jumped on it a million times.

We learnt that we need a leader around who can guide us so that our freedom doesn’t get too out of control. This activity was very fun because we got to role-play positions under different governments, and got to discover that too much freedom can lead to chaos because someone might use their own freedom, against someone else’s.



On Monday we learned about Democracy.  Democracy is a system of government where everyone gets a say in what happens.  In a democracy citizens vote to make a decisions that affect the group and we got to make choices as a class about homework and the schedule for the day! Democracy is  not Anarchy because it has its responsibilities.  It was not very different from our everyday life because Japan is a democratic country.  But it was cool to see what we do because we never notice that we are so lucky that we don’t live in a dictatorship country. I think that democracy was good for our learning because we got to do fun activities and learn at the same time.   This was a great experience and I’m interested to see what we learn next!!  Do you know any other systems?                     

Experiencing Communism

This week we learned about leadership and what it’s like to be in different societies with different rules. We role played about communism. We had to share snacks, we couldn’t talk or sit with other countries(classes) and we couldn’t use personal objects for the whole day. There were jobs like pencil sharpeners, generals, table reservers etc etc etc. We made posters that promoted our country.  The class felt like we were in prison except for the generals who get special privledges. What would it be like to live in a real communist country?  We only did it for one day and wonder about what it would be like for longer.

Systems in practice

4F Feb. 22-26

This week the class experienced four different types of government, or the absence of.  Their descriptions follow this post, but I have included a slideshow of images from the week, along with a video playlist that shows a big change from one day to the rest.  To view the youtube playlist, please click on the three lines on the top left of the video, that should take you to the playlist.  It was a great week of experiences, but also exhausting.  I wonder how I can set up a monarchy in the class now?

Experiencing The Democratic environment

On Monday we experienced what it feels like to be in a democratic environment. The class decided what activities we wanted to do and at what time.  It didn’t feel very different because  we live in a democratic classroom. I think that the learning system in democracy was great because we had our own choices and we got to have a balance of work and fun things. Democracy had a structure, it wasn’t too free but it wasn’t too intense either. I like the democratic system better than communist system or the dictatorship system. I like democracy the best because it gives you the choice and you get a lot of time to learn. If you have experienced a democratic country or society please tell me in the comments because I would like to keep learning about the democratic countries. Do you know about any other systems?model 1

Reflections through relationships

4F Feb 15-19

We had a lot going on this week so we decided to write the post together using our hop back as a tool to plan. The class came up with some important highlights and reflected on how we learned.  Here are the big ideas from the week.

  • During the leadership focus in our UOI, we brainstormed with a mind map to think about vocabulary that describes what a leader is and what they do, then we compared to bad leaders, looked at strategies, goals, and difficulties through a Y chart, and finally used these to create questions to ask our Head of School Mr. Coutts.  A question that came out of this was “How can Grade 4s be leaders? (Morris)” We thought it was a great opportunity to have a leader of a bigger organization talk with us (Rise).  I didn’t know that Mr. Coutts works so hard for YIS. (Billy)
  • A visiting musician Katherine Claire worked with the class to write a song about our UOI.  It was lots of fun and we hope to work with her again (Maia).
  • We learned how to sequence events in a book review by thinking of the main idea and adding details for each section of the book.  I wonder if we can add to this?  (Oliver)
  • For poetry we used personification to make a poem that describes a place and time.  We chose 5 objects and gave them human qualities (personified) to bring our poems to life.
  • Box Division we broke numbers into parts using multiplication and subtraction skills to find answers with remainders. We are going to have a test about it next week.  We think this will be very helpful in the future because we can use what we already know to solve the problem (Nevo).
  • In Movement composition in PE class we cooperated in small groups to make decisions about our dance routines.  We used gymnastics, balance, and poses.  This was kind of hard, but working in groups made it easier (William).

Fantastic.  What did you do to learn this week?



On an amazing Monday after lunch we started learning about onomatopoeia.Onomatopoeia means the word from a sound. Everyone choose their own onomatopoeia and we put a picture with it and made a poem. I learned what onomatopoeia means and how to use it. You can use it in a poem after each other. I think it was interesting how the onomatopoeias goes together into a class poem. With this knowledge I can make a poem with onomatopoeia. I have seen a lot of onomatopoeia in poems and stories. How can I make a good poem with onomatopoeia and how many kinds of onomatopoeia are there?