Crazy hair day


Need a new hair do? We’ll make sure you put on your thinking wig on before you choose because this wacky friday we saw a bunch of cool, colourful and outdated hairstyles! Evan, Ms. Pender, and Ms. Catasti had funky hair! There was one kid in 2nd grade with a mohawk covered in rainbow glitter and another kid in 3rd grade with a neon colour temple made out of her hair! Yes! it was a temple! I dressed up as a greaser.I had a great time looking at all those fun hair styles! What is your favourite hairstyle?

The Emotion Wheel

This week our teacher introduced a new helpful way to learn new words.  He introduced us to the emotion wheel.  The emotion wheel is a wheel with a lot of feelings on it.  I find it very helpful because when we write our journals we can use those emotions to express our feelings.  This kind of connectes to our last unit because Choices can be valued and vary in different societies because different people can valued different thing because of their feelings.  I want to use more emotions in my journal.  I wonder if there are any more?

emotion wheel



Last Wednesday was a lesson about hygiene. The nurse came over to our classroom and we listened to her talk about what hygiene is. After her talk, we were separated into groups of four. We were given a few laminated pieces of paper with pictures printed on them. The groups guessed what the pictures on the papers were. Hygiene is very important, and we know that now. Keeping clean is more important than you might think.

I think that at the start if these lessons we felt kind of uncomfortable, but now that it is our 3rd lesson, I think that we have gained trust through each other. We think that the nurse is very generous to come to our classroom when she may have other things planned. We give thanks to the nurse so, thank you.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.07.27



On Thursday we had a show that is called YIS Got Talent. It was Grade 4 to 8 and you basically show your talent. There was lots amazing talents, for a examples: singing, magic tricks and dancing. Congratulation for the people who won! First I was super nervous about singing on stage, but then I wanted to do it again.  Great school spirit!

Garden Salad

“Crunch, crunch, crunch.” This week we choose to make a garden salad before the break. We will use our freshly grown cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes. If we don’t pull the cabbage before the break the cabbage will die. Some of the girls brought in something for the salad. Every girl in the group will participate when making the salad. We have worked very hard to grow our cabbage and don’t want it to go to waste. We will make it during P.I.C with the Gardening Group Girls. Over the months of our hard work we feel that our teamwork has grown stronger. We have been open minded to others opinions and ideas for the garden salad, respectful to each other and committed to keep trying.

Do you have any suggestions for our salad?

Converting math!

This short week we learned how to convert fractions into decimals. I think it amazing how we learned, we always thought we could only make it a decimal if the denominator could go up to one hundred. We learned how to convert fraction to decimals by using what we know in a new way. We this knowledge we can convert fractions to percentage.It is kind of the of simplifying fractions. How can we convert fractions without using division?

Dear Diary…

This unit we will be working on diary writing. I found out that I have a lot of things to write about.(e.g adventures vacations and more) diaries are kind of blogs because they tell you about someone’s life. After you practice diary writing your blogs will be way way more descriptive. Are there different ways to write diaries? I found out that diaries are a way to write all of the interesting things you did in your lifetime!  

decorated diaries


Garden Blog post

We’ve been working in the garden for at least six months, and we think that we’ve been a big work in progress.  There are now cabbages, wildflowers, tulips, mint and much more growing. Here are some thoughts from the 4F gardeners…

  • 4F is really excited about tasting the fresh new plants! I hope that one day all the kids from 4f can try some cabbage and bring home flowers!( P.C)  
  • I think we did a great job growing the garden. (K.I)
  • I think it is a great experience to have a garden. I wish all the plants will throughout the year when we’re not here. (R.S)
  • I wonder if we are going to plant any summer plants in the garden anytime soon! 🙂 (O.S)
  • We did a great job! I want to start my own garden at home to share the experience with my whole family. (M.G)
  • I think that our experience in the garden so far is great. I think that all of the gardeners have been working hard to grow the plants well. The garden makes me happy because it teaches me how to grow plants. The garden is great! (M.B)

     We are excited to see all our work complete and our plants grown?

Do you have a garden? What do you think we should plant next? Comment below! Have a springing, eco weekend everyone!

Endangered animals

This week we learned about global issues. We worked on the global issue about nature and how we need to help it. We discovered that there is lots of endangered animals around the world. Also there is lots of animals that are being threatened. We want to help them but we don’t know how. If humans keep killing animals then there will be no animals in the world. This is an example of endangered animals.  This blog is connected to our UoI (Choices can be valued and vary in different societies) because the choices you make could help the animals like using less materials, and cleaning up pollution.