4F got ready for sports day by making their uniforms.  They had to think about following instructions, fractions, amount of colour, measuring, mixing and symmetry to create these wonderful designs.  Not to mention washing clothes the old fashioned way, in a stone gutter.  We are sure to win best dressed at YCAC next Friday.  Go Tietans!

Book Bowl

The Book bowl a place where you can express your knowledge! There were many schools, 11 in total. This year, the book bowl was held at the YIS auditorium. We had to read 20 books! Our team was very strong, this year we had fun, ate ice cream , and got a lot of points…. But not enough to win… ASIJ came in first place. We were in second place! We were four points off from tying with ASIJ, but still had fun. We felt pretty good of becoming second but we wish we were first. Our special books are “The Cat Who Came In Of The Roof” and “Rain Reign”

What is a stop motion video?A video that is made out of multiple photos. To make a good stop motion video you need to  plan your story and follow steps. When you are filming you have to set up the background and characters . You have to be accurate and take a lot of photos for one movement! Last but not least it take really long to make but short to watch. Hope you try
to make a stop motion soon!

This is are work in progress. making the background.

Mr. Smiley

There was once an instrument called, koto. We just had our first koto class on Wednesday with Mr. Hamada. We learned how to prepare for playing the koto. We picked up the koto (Mr. Smiley), put the koto stand underneath the koto, and put the koto back into place. The class was in the ICJC, it’s near the gym. It actually used to be a house! The ICJC is known for teaching the students of YIS about Japanese culture. It’s like a history is buried in there somewhere. Mr. Hamada talked about the history of koto. Apparently, kotos were made in China, and then continued on to Japan and other parts of the world. We feel very valuable because we get to work with such fascinating instruments at this wonderful school. This school has been doing koto for while now. We are so thankful to all the teachers at this school who role model for us so that we grow up strong, and as important people. Koto is one step of the way, to getting to where we’re going. Thank you all!


How to win sports day?

In PE we are starting to get ready for sports day! You practice 3 things running,throwing and jumping. First you musScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.09.49t choose a name “Tietans” is ours so don’t think about taking it and we tried to be unique and relate to our name homemade tie dye shirts.Get it, tietans. When you finished all that its time to practice but first you must know what skill you need practice. such as running, throwing and even jumping.We are all excited for sports day.


P.S if you have better name please comment below.

What is a Paragraph?

What is a paragraph?  A paragraph is a very important part of a story that separates one idea from another.  You will find paragraphs everywhere they are found in books, speeches, dictionaries, and everyday life.  They are usually 5-6 sentences long but can be longer or shorter.  But one of the most important things that you have consider is who is reading it.  If the person knows nothing about the topic then you would write in a little more detail than usual.  If the person knows a lot about the topic then you probably wouldn’t have to write so much or at least not in so much detail.  I think that writing a good paragraph is important because if you do not write a good paragraph your story will not turn out so great and if you don’t write a good story then no one will want to read it.