Vietnam 1976 (communist)
“Boom! Boom!” french bombs were dropping again. Kim Hung Ho who was only 6 quickly crawled under the table with his family to cover. He was in great danger. 1st,There were bombs dropping in Vietnam.2nd his dad was fighting against the government because he didn’t like communism and those two problems equal death but… luckily his dad saved enough golden pieces to run away. They took a very old fishing boat and went to Indonesia before making it to Australia and his new name was Terry and that is Terry’s story.

I wonder how he felt? Phebe read a book that was very similar to his story.I thought his story was very interesting The skills we used were making a mental picture and we asked questions. Thank you Terry for making time and coming to our class.

Our Best Unit In Art!

This week we learned about how our life changed when we migrate. We drew an art work that connects to our migration. This is a link to the class writing. We made art out of wood, clay, and paper. We also use paint, hammers, and knives. We learned about how we make stuff and use new tools.  I liked the way the teacher taught as well because he let us choose whatever we wanted, and when whenever we did something he would advise us. So if you are going to art please try some of these things. I hope you will enjoy it .

By Minori & Kae




Migration Timeline

150,000 years ago there were people called homo-sapiens.

For the past 3 weeks or so, we have been learning about migration. So, obviously  we had to have an activity to show how we research, and what we learned about the history of migration so far. We were paired up into groups and had a time  (for eg: 150,000 yrs) to had to research on. We were given a piece of paper after researching to write what we had just read, and then we stuck it on the long strip of paper. We found quite interesting yet frustrating because it was hard to find the info we needed, otherwise we still learned a lot about other situations that have happened over the years.

Migration has made us who we are, we love this unit.

What Food Fair Means To Us

“Hmm, what should I add next?” All of our artists have been waiting for their moment to shine. Some challengers and I have drawn or are still drawing/painting what food fair means to them. So, when the competition comes around we use as much creativity and fit it on one single A4 piece of paper. The prize is you get your poster handed out to the whole city and you will be appreciated. The most important thing is to, try there hardest and never give up because I gave up last year and I didn’t hand my poster in, but now… I am ready to win! If you want to participate in this competition your poster is due for Friday June third, so get ready to rumble!



Event Art!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to go through a major event? We did! So we were assigned to write down on a google doc what the event was, what we felt before the event, then after it.   

After that we had to do a drawing, sculpture, painting, or anything else we wanted. So, we are making art to describe how we transformed in that event, The event I chose was roleplaying warrior cats because Warrior Cats was a series I was reading before, during, and after the event, it inspired me to draw better, make my drawings neater, here’s my art from class!:




This week we learned about exponents.Exponents is easy to find area of a 3D shape.  Exponents are when you multiply a number like 5 and if there was a 3 on top of it you need to multiply the 5 three times like this 5x5x5=125.  The answer is 125 because 5×5 is 25 and 25×5=125.  I think this can help us because it is a lot faster then doing 5x5x5x5x5x5. Watch these videos to understand more about exponents Watch this and this! Hope you enjoy.

Hope you enjoy!Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 09.34.37


Have you ever learned about algebra? Well,this week we started to get into it. We think it is a very interesting way of math,but hard because it was new. We learned how to do algebra by following instructions. With this we can solve problems in real life and learn more complex algebra and become an Animator,Industrial Engineer,Physicist, and Astronomers. I have seen it on my big brothers homework.Do you know any other jobs or things that you need algebra for?    

Teacher appreciation week

This week was teacher appreciation week. On Monday we we gave our teachers flowers and made a class bouquet with all the flowers. Next on Tuesday we wrote a card and gave it to the teachers. On Wednesday  we gave our teacher their favorite snack. The next day we gave our teacher a hug or high five. On the final day we went to assembly and watched a video about teacher appreciation week. Thank You Teachers!


Exciting Art

This week in art we worked on showing how our life was before migration and how our life changed after our migration creatively, not using words. Everyone had different ideas and we thought it was very fascinating walking around the classroom and looking at everybody’s artwork.But before we did all of that we had to plan what we were going to make.This is the link of our plan.

We had a lot of fun and had a delightful time.I would of changed my volume of my voice because if one person is loud everyone starts talking and everyone couldn’t concentrate