Maité’s 2 month’s

The year is almost done only a couple more days! Next year we’re in the fifth grade already! That went really fast. I’m really curious who my teacher will be.  I will miss my friends from 4F but I will still see them at recess.  

I learned a lot of English coming to YIS, I learned it by speaking with my friends and EAL class.  I learned more about Japan because I didn’t really know much about it before.  I hope that I can learn more English faster and read more English books.

Camp was my favourite time this year because I liked to go on the nightwalk and hiking, spending time outside.  
Thank-you Mr. McCreath, For teaching us with patience.

School is almost over!

I can’t believe that school is almost over. I am so sad, some of my friends is going away. I had a great time in 4F. 

The thing I improved on the most is building angles because I use to don’t know how to draw buildings and angles.1 of the highlights was the whole class go on the chair because we had team work.

I wish that I can be with people I know next year.I want to be better at drawing more better straight line.Thank u for teaching me Mr.M and thanks for being awesome teacher.

My Thoughts About Grade Four

“The year has gone by so quickly!” I feel appreciative of Grade Four because we got to learn more about what we need to know. Also I feel committed to grade four because Mr. McCreath has helped me to become more adventurous in what I chose to learn and I come to school early to get all of my extra work done. I feel thankful that I get education that gives me the freedom to be creative in my learning.  I have got to know some some people by working in partners.  

I have grown in making choices and persuading people to agree with my opinion. I feel like I have grown in telling someone it’s not ok to push, punch, hit and more. I have become more confident in myself by doing things I have never tried before. Also I have grown in relaxing more about due dates for home learning or projects that have to be done! The highlights of grade four are camp and it has helped  me grow and learn by giving me the opportunity to become more of a risk taker. Another thing that I like about this year is, sports day because all of our class got to work together to try and complete activities. The challenges were making decisions quickly and making the people around you with a different opinion agree with you. That helped me grow because when I grow up if I become a lawyer that is a good skill to use.

My hopes and dreams for fifth grade are to make good progress on my research skills, and letting loose. I think that if you have been working extra hard all day you should get a break. Y.I.S helps me to learn in a way that I have never tried before, also have fun and relax about tests or projects. If you are worried about next year, that’s normal just keep  thinking everyone is feeling the same thing right now, then you will feel more relaxed.

Do you have something that is making you feel stressed out? Have a great summer!

The End of the Year!

I can’t believe it, we are going to be in grade 5! This year went by so fast, I’m not ready leave. We have grown up so much from the first week to now. There will no more 4th grades ever again in our lives. I am so thankful, to have teachers and friends who I know will support me forever.

In order to keep up, we will all need to be as positive as we were this year and hopefully even more than that. Division, reading, and asking questions, all these things I have improved on so much. I remember camp, and sports day (cross country too), the way we helped and supported each other really made me proud.

I think that 4F is the most creative class out of all the 4th grade classes because we have something called PIC, and we do a lot more art activities that any other class. Everyone has made new friends.

I am going to miss everyone during the summer.

These are some pictures from the year:

Goodbye 4th grade

The year was amazing I learned so much from it.  My favourite unit is our migration unit because we got to do a wax museum, and choose what we want to research on. I am researching from 100 years ago.

I also enjoyed making our play in drama, we created a play about 4 people (Maia.G Oliver Maya.B Me) getting sucked into a video game and finding a magical gem to go back to our normal world. But we have to defeat evil Justin Bieber and his soldiers.

CAMP!! I enjoyed camp so much, and I’m pretty sure everyone else did two. Camp was full of activities,fun and nature. The ninjas arranged some activities. We ran through a sand mountain and sometimes they would pull your legs and slide down the sand mountain. We had a campfire and roasted marshmallows. The s’mores were delicious. Camp was amazing.

Most importantly friends and teachers. They have completed my year.  I have learned so much thanks to teachers. It has been a wonderful years full of friends even though some might leave they are very special to me.

The best year of the grade! 4F


  • I am so sad that school is over because  I will miss my best friends and the friends that are leaving.
  • I don’t want to say goodbye to the guys who are leaving because I might never see her or him again.
  • I wish I can be with my best friends next year( class ) because then It can be fun and know more about them!


I think I have improved on my reading a little bit and also on my maths. The decimals were a bit challenging. It helped me by playing decimal games and sorting them from smallest to biggest.


I wish that next year I will be better at reading and decimals.

Thank you Mr.McCreath for being our best teacher!  

Flying Time!

Time flies when you’re having fun for sure! Grade 4 has been lots of fun and I have learned a lot. I have had a great year with my friends who supported me in sports day and in other projects.I also want to thank my teachers for helping me in my learning and making school life fun!

I have improved in reading,studying and responsibility by going to the library and challenging myself in reading harder books to raise the bar. I also started a study schedule so I can finish my homework on time and do well on my test in Japanese. My highlight was the picnic because it was fun how we got to share our favorite snacks and games. I also learned how to clean up after yourself and respect the environment. I had a hard time learning times tables but I kept on trying to learn them and a finally memorize them.

My hope for next year is make more friends and have fun! I want to keep getting better at drawing and making sculpture(basically art) by practicing at home and concentrating in art class. My question is how did Israelensis migrate from Egypt. I want to say to my friends and teachers thank you for supporting me and teaching me and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!  

Minori 1 month

I can’t believe the school is nearly over! In one month i made so many friends! When I came to this school for my first time I was so nervous that I thought i can’t make any friends but it was different then what i thought it would be it was AWESOME!! The teacher was AMAZING he was really kind to me and I know I made many friends but i want to have more friends!!

I have grown a reading because in YIS we read after lunch recess and it makes me more comfortable reading,writing because we post a blog like this so I will think about the writing that I Should do,And creativity i think our class are the most creative class in grade 4 on friday the teacher will let us do a PIC (create) and i think that all of this stuff help us grow. My challenge in grade 4 was speech because we need to research and  write the story about that and you need to read out and I think it’s embarrassing but it makes more confidence.

I want to make more friends because I just came in to this school and i don’t have much  friend so i want to make more friends and get used to this school! I want to be better at reading because if you can’t read you can’t read the fun book that people think and you won’t know what topic they are talking so i’m going to read more and learn more.

Thank you for being a AMAZING classmate when i came into this class everyone was really kind and thank you for been a WONDERFUL teacher i ever had you are the BEST!! I hope you have a AWESOME holiday!


Amazing grade 4!

We all enjoyed our grade 4 because when we move onto another topic is was very fun and exciting and I guess everyone in our class enjoyed it. I felt the year was really delightful even though I came here in the middle of the year. Teachers were very supportive as well.    

I grew by getting smarter and taller. The teachers help us a lot in every subject and I felt that the teachers took a lot of hard work to help us.I felt than it was very nice of them.

I hope that next year we would have a nice teacher. I want to get better at reading harder books, math and english.Teachers were helpful and very nice and kind.

End of year reflection blog post

Grade 4 was one of my favorite school years. It was fun and exciting because we did lots of fun field trips and I made new friend. I felt like grade 4 went by very fast because we had lots of fun.

I learn many new skills in grade 4 like using an exacto knife and researching. I also learned and got better at a lot of things like multiplication and music. My favorite parts were camp and sports day because we did lots of things in one event.

In grade 5 I would like to become better at multiplying bigger numbers and writing longer paragraphs. I would also like to start reading longer books. I’m looking forwards to grade 5 and playing koto. Thank you 4F and our teachers for a great school year!