End of the year reflection

This is one of the best school year ever! I was really Energetic all year because we were always doing fun things,learning, and doing great experiences such as PIC and spirit day. and all the other units. When we were doing Camp,sports day,Goverment week,PIC,Picnic and the unit HTWW I was overjoyed because we were supporting each other,learning more than ever, new experiences, and Spending a lot of time with each other. I am friends with everyone in our class and even  outside the class.

I have become more independent because I did more tasks by myself. Also I became better at division algorithm and Diaries because I practiced more and took information from my teacher and friends. One of my learning highlights were the stations because It Is a time when you get in a group and learn together so that was a highlight. Also PIC time was a highlight because  It is a really fun way to learn,create, and  work together.  One of the challenges were shapes and Diaries because I didn’t really like them but when I focused I became really good.

I really hope I get the same amount of fun and knowledge. I want to be better at algebra because It is really important and challenging plus I will probably need it for a lot of important jobs. I hope you all had a great year too and thank you for making this year so pleasing!

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