Seesaw time!

The class has been busy this half of the Semester documenting their learning on a digital platform called Seesaw.  Students in 4F have taken the platform and ran with it; posting reflections about math activities, Units of Inquiry, Reading, PE, Music, Japanese, and more.  I am not getting paid by Seesaw but it is a great tool for the students to document their thoughts and questions, and talk about what they have learned.  They have also had time in class to view other student posts and provide feedback to other students.  It is also a great tool for teachers to give quick feedback, ask questions to extend learning, and think about digital citizenship.

A letter was sent home today explaining how 4F will be the trial class for sharing this platform with parents.  Students are creating multiple posts every week and it is a great way to see what is happening in the classroom. Please take a chance to read the letter over and let us know if you have any questions.  Below is a video explaining how to get started with Seesaw at home.  It is a valuable learning opportunity to review and discuss student accomplishments, and even comment yourself to provoke further inquiry.  If you want to learn more about commenting and how the students comment, please check out this link.

To piggy back on this post I will just add a couple of highlights from the week in the form of a slideshow.  Some of the learning experiences include: exploring different types of genre in the library, sorting the persuasive techniques of Pathos, Logos, and Ethos, creating high fliers to work on graphing, measurement, and marketing techniques, and planning a drama lesson.  Enjoy and have a great October Break!

Oct 17-21 4F



This week we explored the concept of function through a range of experiences in a variety of subjects. In our unit of inquiry we investigated how advertisements work by looking at the tools and techniques that advertisers can use, and applied this to student advertisements for themselves.  In number students explored place value by investigating the function of a pattern to create new place value blocks with bigger numbers, for graphing we looked at the purpose of different graphs, and in reading we looked at function by asking questions about author’s purpose and speculating on multiple messages and functions of a book.  Conceptual learning is great for students to see the connection between subjects and material, and work towards an understanding of broader ideas. It is an important tool for learners to have to be able to view multiple phenomenon through different lenses.

Photos this week include our walk down Motomachi to look for examples of techniques, place value construction, and more.  Check it out!

4F October 11-14