This week we explored the concept of function through a range of experiences in a variety of subjects. In our unit of inquiry we investigated how advertisements work by looking at the tools and techniques that advertisers can use, and applied this to student advertisements for themselves.  In number students explored place value by investigating the function of a pattern to create new place value blocks with bigger numbers, for graphing we looked at the purpose of different graphs, and in reading we looked at function by asking questions about author’s purpose and speculating on multiple messages and functions of a book.  Conceptual learning is great for students to see the connection between subjects and material, and work towards an understanding of broader ideas. It is an important tool for learners to have to be able to view multiple phenomenon through different lenses.

Photos this week include our walk down Motomachi to look for examples of techniques, place value construction, and more.  Check it out!

4F October 11-14

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