Decision making in 4F

As you may be aware the Grade 4 students were involved in simulations this week in an attempt to mimic government systems as a provocation in our new UOI about choices, systems, and societies. Needless to say, it was a big change from the norm and I urge you to check out the students individual and group reflections on Seesaw for personal insights into feelings, opinions, and how it affected their learning.

It was difficult as a teacher taking on different roles as different types of leaders, and through the daily debriefing and reflecting it became clear that it was also difficult for the students. Students were able to look at systems from multiple perspectives and see the pros and cons of each, and how their learning would be affected. The week ended on a really positive note with a lesson in democracy, (or how difficult it can actually be), and we will continue to revisit the experiences this week when we look at leadership and children’s rights over the next five weeks of the unit. There are lots of photos and videos in the slideshow below, see if you can find the student in the box.

4F Nov. 21-25

Wrapping it up

No, it is not Christmas here yet and we are not wrapping any present although there is certainly something in the air as charity drives are in full swing, people discuss holiday plans, and the air gets more chilly.  I was thinking more about this week in class, the final week of How We Express Ourselves, persuasive writing, and a lot of work in the math strands of data handling and measurement comes to a close.

The students were busy polishing their writing and presentation skills, and applying their understanding about graphs, measurement, and advertising in new unfamiliar settings.  As the class is aware of the summative / test like nature of these assignments, it was amazing to see how quickly, thoughtfully, and respectfully they got down to business.  Although tests are not usually the norm in class, they are still a part of life and it was great to see the students rise to the unfamiliar situation of working independently and quietly.  The thoughts, reflections, justifications for opinions and answers were staggering and a pleasure to read and view on paper and seesaw.

Speaking of seesaw, I would urge you all to spend a minute or two to see the student presentations of their persuasive writing, even though I am not the biggest fan of Mario, Fifa 17, and dollhouses, I was convinced.  Please take a moment to view their speeches and leave a comment.

All that pent up energy was released Today at Cross Country.  A big thanks to the PE team for organizing this sunny morning in the park.  Picture album below.

4F Nov.14-18

Headline for Headlines


Along with the headlines some other highlights include investigating area, writing to persuade, reading out loud and evaluating it, and analysing music videos.  I have included some photos from the week.  Thanks for sending in the fruit and for all your comments on Seesaw.

4F Nov 8-11

And I almost forgot, here is a “quick” video of 4F, 30 minutes in 20 seconds





This week we began looking at the second key concept in our Unit of Inquiry, perspective.  We spent the week unpacking the definition and using examples of how different people see things different ways.  Students had to think about their own perspectives on a variety of topics as well as others’.  We had time to look at the HSBC campaign to look at a variety of viewpoints and opinions and try to think about who see things in what ways.  Combined with the other key concept of function, students should gain a stronger understanding of how media, in particular advertising, works.  The concept of perspective also came up as we defined and analysed elements and examples of persuasive writing.  The class will continue to look at different perspectives as they develop their own persuasive writing pieces as they have to think of counter arguments as well. Just in time for Christmas!  Finally, as we construct graphs to try and sell our flying toys, and thinking about how others will read these graphs, perspective popped up one more time.  Take a minute this weekend to talk about perspective with your child, and don’t forget to keep looking at Seesaw and post comments.

Also, a warm welcome to Sakura who joins us from the UK.