Back to the garden

4F Feb 20-24As the weather starts to turn, there are some spots of green coming up in the garden. Students are excited to see the growth of long dormant seeds and are starting to plan what is to come next.  They have been further motivated by conversations with the canteen about selling them their produce at market value and brought some radishes to be included in the salad bar this week.

On the surface, this sounds kind of simple, but thinking about all the skills that could be integrated into gardening could make the student’s learning really bloom. (oh dear). Research skills to find out values and increase yields, measuring skills, communication with each other and the canteen, service learning to think about what to do with the profits all immediately jump to mind, not to mention the realization of our food supply and the amount of work to get it to our table.

Who knows what will happen between now and the end of the school year, but I think that it is safe to say that more Grade 4s will be going to the garden.

So many photos of the week are here for your viewing pleasure.  Furthermore, please remember to check out and comment your child’s Seesaw to see individual, small group, and whole class examples of learning.

A week in pictures

4F Feb. 13-17

Here is a photo album of the week.  Students really enjoyed the visit to the local school down the road, explored erosion through research and playing in the dirt, built models of the Earth, sat through hours of ISA online testing, continued to compare mass through estimation, and worked on some cool stop motion videos.  Please check out Seesaw for individual and class reflections. We are looking forward to next week where we will be doing a mystery skype to help to learn map skills and figure out where another class in the world is from, and hosting a class of 5-year-olds from the local orphanage. It’s a windy day, the students are making, flying, and improving kites.

Making stuf

There was a lot of making this week in the classroom and around the school. It ranged from making an explanation about a chocolate model of the Earth to duct tape wallets to television commercials about cooking with clay, with lots in between.  Tech days gave students the chance to make things from stories to bridges, and from computer programming to origami, and classroom experiences gave us the opportunity to make connections to artwork, make sense out of how division works and the properties of mass, build models, electronics, houses, and kites in P.I.C. time, and build relationships with each other.

There are so many reasons I enjoy making stuff in the class; it gives students an avenue to express themselves in a variety of ways, interact with the physical world around them and solve design problems that arise during construction with familiar or unfamiliar materials. Not to mention, they get to have a lot of fun doing it. I think the expressions on their faces in the pictures below show the level of enjoyment, concentrations, and sense of achievement with their results. Next week is a short week filled with online tests (ISA) and practicing the scientific method.

4F Jan. 30th-Feb. 3rd