Student Reflections: March 3rd.

Here are some thoughts from the class about the week, what skills and tools they used in their learning, and some questions and comments about next week.

Things I learned Skills I used Tools I used
  • How volcanoes work
  • Box Division
  • Short division an easy way
  • How the rock cycle works
  • How plate tectonics work
  • Improving at stop motion
  • How to make rock candy
  • How to play the ukulele
  • Subtracting skills
  • Make connections
  • Building skills (clay)
  • Estimating skills
  • Asking Questions
  • Taking notes
  • Collecting and recording information
  • Multiplication skills
  • Strumming and plucking
  • Acting skills
  • Memorizing
  • Cooperating
  • Books,
  • Computers
  • Ipads
  • Atlases
  • Ukulele
  • Camera
  • Markers, tables, erasers


Questions Comments
-What are we going to do with Grade 10 buddies?

-What is the next home learning going to be?

– What is the ballet, how long?

-Excited to continue working in the garden

-It is a big week, finishing up projects, garden, ballet, buddies.

-Excited to do more research.

4F March 3rd

One thought on “Student Reflections: March 3rd.

  1. It is so interesting to read about what you are learning, the skills you are developing and the tools you are using to do those things. I like breaking the learning down into different categories. I hope your next week of learning is just as great!

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