Migration and more

April in 4F

April has seen a lot of collaboration in 4F.  We have explored migration through reading stories together, unpacking ideas by using multiple perspectives, listening and interviewing guest speakers from our YIS community and beyond, researching migration history and creating a timeline together, and exploring the neighbourhood around us that is steeped in migration history.  We have also used collaboration to explore our math strands this unit of fractions and space by building, sorting, and describing shapes, building fraction, decimal, and percent number lines, and drawing 3D shapes using measuring of each other’s work.  Collaboration is such an important part of learning in the classroom and through it the students are developing interpersonal skills, building knowledge and understanding together, and recognizing multiple perspectives.

Using multiple perspectives and collaboration has also been a focus of our daily art conversations, students or myself bring in examples of art, and the class takes turns listening to each other interpret, ask questions, and theorize about the meaning of varied art pieces from the classical to the absurd. This has been a great opportunity to practice sharing ideas, even when students are unsure of their opinions, and listen carefully to each other to build ideas together.

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  1. Kieran has told our family about some amazing stories of migration experienced by people who work at YIS. Thank you for sharing their stories. We could all learn so much.

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