My Thoughts About Grade Four

“The year has gone by so quickly!” I feel appreciative of Grade Four because we got to learn more about what we need to know. Also I feel committed to grade four because Mr. McCreath has helped me to become more adventurous in what I chose to learn and I come to school early to get all of my extra work done. I feel thankful that I get education that gives me the freedom to be creative in my learning.  I have got to know some some people by working in partners.  

I have grown in making choices and persuading people to agree with my opinion. I feel like I have grown in telling someone it’s not ok to push, punch, hit and more. I have become more confident in myself by doing things I have never tried before. Also I have grown in relaxing more about due dates for home learning or projects that have to be done! The highlights of grade four are camp and it has helped  me grow and learn by giving me the opportunity to become more of a risk taker. Another thing that I like about this year is, sports day because all of our class got to work together to try and complete activities. The challenges were making decisions quickly and making the people around you with a different opinion agree with you. That helped me grow because when I grow up if I become a lawyer that is a good skill to use.

My hopes and dreams for fifth grade are to make good progress on my research skills, and letting loose. I think that if you have been working extra hard all day you should get a break. Y.I.S helps me to learn in a way that I have never tried before, also have fun and relax about tests or projects. If you are worried about next year, that’s normal just keep  thinking everyone is feeling the same thing right now, then you will feel more relaxed.

Do you have something that is making you feel stressed out? Have a great summer!

What Food Fair Means To Us

“Hmm, what should I add next?” All of our artists have been waiting for their moment to shine. Some challengers and I have drawn or are still drawing/painting what food fair means to them. So, when the competition comes around we use as much creativity and fit it on one single A4 piece of paper. The prize is you get your poster handed out to the whole city and you will be appreciated. The most important thing is to, try there hardest and never give up because I gave up last year and I didn’t hand my poster in, but now… I am ready to win! If you want to participate in this competition your poster is due for Friday June third, so get ready to rumble!



Think, Puzzle, Explore

 Do you think, puzzle, explore? 4F made a think puzzle explore list about our new unit (People continue to migrate for many reasons). It is a place to put down your ideas about what we think the new unit is about. We took different perspectives from different people to create a few sentences about what they think,puzzle, and explore about the unit.

Here are a few things we put down, Think: Many reasons for migration, people and animals migrate. Puzzle: how does migration affect people, what are some examples of it? Explore: books, videos, websites and more. Most of our class enjoyed it because we got to see others perspectives and use what we know in a new way.

What I will do next with this information is research more about this topic and make a slideshow, or maybe a poster to teach other people about migration.

Have you ever made a think, puzzle, explore? If so what was it about? If not then you should try it because it gives you control and direction over what you want to learn, and how you want to learn.

Garden Salad

“Crunch, crunch, crunch.” This week we choose to make a garden salad before the break. We will use our freshly grown cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes. If we don’t pull the cabbage before the break the cabbage will die. Some of the girls brought in something for the salad. Every girl in the group will participate when making the salad. We have worked very hard to grow our cabbage and don’t want it to go to waste. We will make it during P.I.C with the Gardening Group Girls. Over the months of our hard work we feel that our teamwork has grown stronger. We have been open minded to others opinions and ideas for the garden salad, respectful to each other and committed to keep trying.

Do you have any suggestions for our salad?

Experiencing The Democratic environment

On Monday we experienced what it feels like to be in a democratic environment. The class decided what activities we wanted to do and at what time.  It didn’t feel very different because  we live in a democratic classroom. I think that the learning system in democracy was great because we had our own choices and we got to have a balance of work and fun things. Democracy had a structure, it wasn’t too free but it wasn’t too intense either. I like the democratic system better than communist system or the dictatorship system. I like democracy the best because it gives you the choice and you get a lot of time to learn. If you have experienced a democratic country or society please tell me in the comments because I would like to keep learning about the democratic countries. Do you know about any other systems?model 1

Pathos Logos and Ethos

This week is our last week until winter break. We studied pathos, logos, and ethos. Our class had cut out advertisements and we had to find out if they went into pathos logos, or ethos. Then Mr.McCreath chose one of the posters to go up on display. We learned that pathos means emotion, logos means reason, and ethos means moral character. I think this activity was a fun way to learn because we got to work in a group and I think sometimes if you work in a group you can put your brains together and find out the answers faster. What I will do with the information that I have is try to understand it better and get better at finding examples of each in advertisements. I learned this by working in a group and making a poster about pathos, ethos and logos. I think that the whole class enjoyed the activity because it made you confused and some of the advertisements were quite challenging.  The class did a good job organising the different advertisements into pathos, ethos, and logos. Do you think pathos, logos, and ethos will help you with persuasive writing?


Persuasive writing

This week we did persuasive writing. We took a look at the parts of persuading someone through our writing. We also did a graphic organizer and did our own piece.  I think the activity was quite interesting because we made a class poster on the parts and a graphic organizer to plan. I think that is a good way to learn about it.

This project reminds me of a time that I saw a poster on persuasive writing. It made me think about if it might be handy or if it might be a waste of time. What I will do with all of this persuasive writing information next is try to persuade my parents into getting me and my brother Evan a dog. I learned that you need more than one reason to back up your opinion. You have to have more reasons so that you can convince people to agree with you. I think this is useful because with persuading skills you can convince people to agree. For example if Maia G. wants to play base tag but I want to play cops and robbers I can say ” well if you play cops and robbers you can challenge yourself.” I think that you are fast at running”.” Base tag doesn’t  really use your fastest running and cops and robbers is challenging”. Sometimes I want to have it my way and now that I know how to persuade someone. I can get it my way. Persuasive writing is fun and useful!



During our U.O.I we are learning about Pangea and that all of the continents use to be together. I thought that Pangea is very interesting because I never knew that there was even a continental drift. We watched videos, answered questions and looked at maps to look for a pattern. I think the class was very interested in Pangea because when we did this project everyone was very focused on the main idea. I also think that this activity is important because it is good to know what is happening to the world. What I want to do with our information is to make a google slide for our buddies because then they can find out what Pangea is and have fun too.

My Juicy Book

This book is so good! At the  beginning of the week I started reading a fantastic book called Ramona and her Father by Beverly Cleary. When I first pulled out the book I said “why not read it?” then I started reading and I really liked it. I learned that you shouldn’t just say no to a book if you haven’t read the introduction. Here is the first part of the book. There is a girl named Ramona and she was writing a pay list is when she gets a surprise gift from her dad. Her favorite treat is a whopper Burger because she likes sitting in a booth snuggled in with her family. Ramona liked all of the nice waitresses and how every time they came they say “here is your food I hope you enjoy”. And the part that I am in the middle of reading is Ramona and her older sister Beezus are at beezus’s bedroom door and her mom and dad are whispering about something that they didn’t  know about. This book Makes me feel like I am in it. I like this book and recommend it to everyone even adults because it is fun and interesting and very very very juicy.

I hope you read this book and like it! There were really interesting words such as indignant or criticism even subdued.

I hope you like this book!