Flying Time!

Time flies when you’re having fun for sure! Grade 4 has been lots of fun and I have learned a lot. I have had a great year with my friends who supported me in sports day and in other projects.I also want to thank my teachers for helping me in my learning and making school life fun!

I have improved in reading,studying and responsibility by going to the library and challenging myself in reading harder books to raise the bar. I also started a study schedule so I can finish my homework on time and do well on my test in Japanese. My highlight was the picnic because it was fun how we got to share our favorite snacks and games. I also learned how to clean up after yourself and respect the environment. I had a hard time learning times tables but I kept on trying to learn them and a finally memorize them.

My hope for next year is make more friends and have fun! I want to keep getting better at drawing and making sculpture(basically art) by practicing at home and concentrating in art class. My question is how did Israelensis migrate from Egypt. I want to say to my friends and teachers thank you for supporting me and teaching me and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!  

Sergio and Jun’s story

Imagine you were walking in the deep bright snow and hiding from the Chinese military without your family. Imagine covering yourself up so you wouldn’t get shot. Well that’s exactly  what happened in Sergio and Jun’s story. Our unit is on migration and with Ms.Vance’s help we came up with good questions to ask when they came to tell us their migration story. Jun came from Tibet and escaped from the Chinese military which was taking over tibet that time. He ran away with nothing except baking flour. He went with other kids around his age and left his family behind. A guide showed them the way through the snowy mountain and a  lot of the kids got bad frostbite. They slept day time and walked midnight and ate baking flour and drank snow so they wouldn’t be spot.

Sergio’s story is he  came from Guatemala which is in bad condition with the government being an fair and if you complained big tanks came in front of your house and you would get kidnapped or there would be a shootout.He got accepted as a refugee and went to Norway.

I couldn’t believe it actually happened to them! I think we are very lucky to have shelter,3 meals a day,love from our parents,warmth and education.The interview helped answer many of our questions and we started noticing that when we complain and think you are the person with worst life that you’re not because other people suffered from 1000000000000 times worse situations. Thank you Sergio and Jun for coming to our class and sharing your story!

What do you think? Do you have a story? Comment down below!

Open and closed Questions!

What are open and closed questions and why are they important? Well that is an open question because I can a get a good long answer and can add on to. 4F also learned about closed questions which you can close down quickly with a short answer. For example the answer may be a yes and no question but still can get good facts.

We Went as a class to the library and Ms. Vance talked to us about how to make good open and closed questions to use when we are interviewing people and get their story out of them. The thinking skills we used were asking, connecting and putting together questions.


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 09.46.53As a class we learned a lot and we are excited to use are new skills when we are going to interview the staff  from Y.I.S about their stories about migrating! How did you feel and why? Comment down below and tell us your story about migrating!


Crazy hair day


Need a new hair do? We’ll make sure you put on your thinking wig on before you choose because this wacky friday we saw a bunch of cool, colourful and outdated hairstyles! Evan, Ms. Pender, and Ms. Catasti had funky hair! There was one kid in 2nd grade with a mohawk covered in rainbow glitter and another kid in 3rd grade with a neon colour temple made out of her hair! Yes! it was a temple! I dressed up as a greaser.I had a great time looking at all those fun hair styles! What is your favourite hairstyle?

Catapult Battle!

Last week was smashing fun! Mr. McCreath gave us an instruction sheet on how to make a catapult. We had to follow the instructions and make a catapult. We also created cool team names. After we finished making our catapults we had a battle. The rules were you and your team had to take turns shooting their pom-poms or dice into the blue bucket, which was 2 meters away from your table. The team who got the most pom-poms or dice in the bucket, would win chocolate mushrooms! The “Annihilators” won but the “Fire Flies” were a close second.
I learned how to work as a team, and that it’s more important to have a good quality catapult then having a pretty one. One of the most important skills we used were think, make and improve. These words mean “Does it work? Does it last?” and “Is it cool?”. We used these words to help us make the catapult. 4F really enjoyed learning the process of creating things to work, last and making it to look cool. We also enjoyed doing the battle! I am excited to learn about what we are going to do next!


Spirit Week!

This super week we had a special event called Spirit Week! On Monday It was called role reversal day. I dressed up as Mr. Read and many of the kids in 4F dressed up as Mr. McCreath ( Except for Maya who dressed up as Mss. Edward).On Tuesday it was dragons day where we all wore red if your grade number was even and white if it’s odd. On Wednesday it was star wars day! It got kinda dangerous with kids holding light sabers and fingers flying everywhere 🙁 The last spirit week day is on Thursday and called…. Me in the future day!  Were meant to dress up in what we want to be in the future like for example William who wants to become a Paleontology and Kyoka who wants to become a Olympics swimmer! I learned that you should plan out all the costumes a week before so you’re not stressed in the morning and late for school. I really enjoyed spirit week! I think Elementary Student Council did a great job planning spirit week and am looking forward to what they will plan next.


P.S.E With Ms. Kumamoto

 On Monday Ms. Kumamoto came to class to talk about bullying. Ms. Kumamoto read a book called “My Secret Bully”. The story is about a girl who gets bullied by another girl who used to be her best friend but her other good friend was too scared to stand up. We talked about what the girl that was scared to stand up could of done. I learned a lot about how to stop bullying and what to do if you had a secret bully. A lot of the kids saw the same situations on the playground and could connect. The thinking skills we used in P.S.E were making connections and making a mental picture. I am excited to learn more about bullying and maybe even cyber bullying. Do you know more about bullying?



Division Strategies

This week we learned how to make groups and divide with our unit cubes. I learned that division is basically the opposite of multiplication. It was hard at first because sometimes I forget which order I’m meant to do. Playing with the blocks helped me find the answer for the division questions. I want to know more about division and new easier strategies to get the answers.

working book and unit blocks.

Longitude And Latitude

We learned a big secret this week! 4F learned how to get gratitude from our teachers.  As a class we watched a video of a teacher rapping a catchy song about it and we learned that latitude goes left and right and longitude goes up and down. We learned it was on the side of the map of the world. 4F really enjoyed learning about it and finding the country by using the grid, longitude,latitude, and a compass  on the whiteboard. I think it connects to or unit because we are learning about the earth and how it is changing. I am really excited to learn more about the earth! So the secret is if you understand latitude and longitude You can get gratitude!