fantastic 4th grade

This year I learned a lot of things I researched and if you think that’s not enough for you we even experienced deeper into government systems! 4F was the most unique class I have ever been in! We were so creative and made so many models and inventions  and helpful to each other in PIC spots day and more we learned how to make something cool something to last and how to even make it work just Think Make Improve and go back to think and go on. We had goverment week and we could experience so much things. I have a lot of friends some closer than others.

I have grown in exponents, fractions, dividing decimals and algebra. Algebra is really important if you want to become an Animator,Industrial Engineer,Physicist, and Astronomers. Start studying if you want to work in one of those jobs. My highlight of this year is the camp because we learned how to play with nature, climb trees and build forts. And PIC because we made models. The challenge was how to make the masts steady.

My biggest hope is to stay in Japan and to stay in touch with friends. I want to get better at reading by reading more. Hope to stay in touch.


Have you ever learned about algebra? Well,this week we started to get into it. We think it is a very interesting way of math,but hard because it was new. We learned how to do algebra by following instructions. With this we can solve problems in real life and learn more complex algebra and become an Animator,Industrial Engineer,Physicist, and Astronomers. I have seen it on my big brothers homework.Do you know any other jobs or things that you need algebra for?    

Exciting Art

This week in art we worked on showing how our life was before migration and how our life changed after our migration creatively, not using words. Everyone had different ideas and we thought it was very fascinating walking around the classroom and looking at everybody’s artwork.But before we did all of that we had to plan what we were going to make.This is the link of our plan.

We had a lot of fun and had a delightful time.I would of changed my volume of my voice because if one person is loud everyone starts talking and everyone couldn’t concentrate

How to win sports day?

In PE we are starting to get ready for sports day! You practice 3 things running,throwing and jumping. First you musScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.09.49t choose a name “Tietans” is ours so don’t think about taking it and we tried to be unique and relate to our name homemade tie dye shirts.Get it, tietans. When you finished all that its time to practice but first you must know what skill you need practice. such as running, throwing and even jumping.We are all excited for sports day.


P.S if you have better name please comment below.

Converting math!

This short week we learned how to convert fractions into decimals. I think it amazing how we learned, we always thought we could only make it a decimal if the denominator could go up to one hundred. We learned how to convert fraction to decimals by using what we know in a new way. We this knowledge we can convert fractions to percentage.It is kind of the of simplifying fractions. How can we convert fractions without using division?

Dear Diary…

This unit we will be working on diary writing. I found out that I have a lot of things to write about.(e.g adventures vacations and more) diaries are kind of blogs because they tell you about someone’s life. After you practice diary writing your blogs will be way way more descriptive. Are there different ways to write diaries? I found out that diaries are a way to write all of the interesting things you did in your lifetime!  

decorated diaries


Don’t be late!

This week we wrote our daily schedule. It’s important to know how to do that because then you will be organized, wont forget, and always have something to do. We practiced 24 hour clock and 12 hour clock. if you don’t practice 24 and 12 hour clocks you will not know how to tell time and if you don’t you will always be late, and you probably don’t want that to happen! Is it worth the time to make the schedule or not? It reminds me of grade three. I saw how different people pass their day different things. Its really interesting to know.


Flying Dutchman

We finally finished our project that was a jet/bii plane. Now Morris, Oliver, and I are making the flying dutchman. we already planned how big will be the model by a skill we learned called scaling. That means we draw a big drawing of the ship and say one centimeter equals 3 centimeters on the real 3D model and we

planing of the boat.

think it will help a lot when we make it!  it took us one hour to plan but. questions I have are will we finish it? Who will take it home? I hope it is me.  When we made the jet/bii plane we did not plan at all! that’s why it looks a bit like a fish, but we improved that and it looks better now. It is really fun to make things that you probably won’t build at home. The length of the boat is 62 cm and the height is 38 cm. we are going to have a balcony that we saw on a boat that we really liked. We are going to have a steering wheel stairs and other detailed things! we thought that we should paint the boat brown and some black parts some of the sales are going to be ripped so it looks old. 

The City Of Ember

For the past 5 weeks we were reading a book called city of ember. This book is a realistic fiction, about a city that only have street lights and when they go out, it’s pitch black. Sometimes it goes off randomly and they get longer and longer and they need someone to save them! We thought it was really fun because there were a lot of problems. We learned that you should use materials wisely. We are going to read the second of City Of Ember it is called the people of sparks. it looks really good only by the cover but remember don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This connects to a trailer watched and the movie was the city of ember. We wonder what is going to be the ending of city of sparks?

Art project

In the past two weeks at art we were playing a game about graphic designers. Every class gets to try different things to learn about C.U.B (Contrast Unity Balanced). I learned what unity and contrast means. I think the game is fun and exciting. When we finish the game there is a extra project and in that project you have to use what you learned. An example of unity is when the colors are light or dark. An example of contrast is when it is obvious that someone is different.My questions are, what are we going to do after this designers game?