End of the year reflection

This is one of the best school year ever! I was really Energetic all year because we were always doing fun things,learning, and doing great experiences such as PIC and spirit day. and all the other units. When we were doing Camp,sports day,Goverment week,PIC,Picnic and the unit HTWW I was overjoyed because we were supporting each other,learning more than ever, new experiences, and Spending a lot of time with each other. I am friends with everyone in our class and even  outside the class.

I have become more independent because I did more tasks by myself. Also I became better at division algorithm and Diaries because I practiced more and took information from my teacher and friends. One of my learning highlights were the stations because It Is a time when you get in a group and learn together so that was a highlight. Also PIC time was a highlight because  It is a really fun way to learn,create, and  work together.  One of the challenges were shapes and Diaries because I didn’t really like them but when I focused I became really good.

I really hope I get the same amount of fun and knowledge. I want to be better at algebra because It is really important and challenging plus I will probably need it for a lot of important jobs. I hope you all had a great year too and thank you for making this year so pleasing!

Building skyscrapers

We finished planning our city scape. A lot of people are starting to decorate their buildings. I learned the angles have to be exact or it doesn’t look good.With this knowledge we can become architects. I think this is a great thing because we combined math and art together, My two favourite subjects together.This connects to a person I saw before that was building a house and the architect was holding the plan.  Did you ever make a cityscape? What we can do next with our knowledge is make a 3D plan for inside a house.



For this U.O.I our summative task was a creative one, and the best of all the summative’s, because we could use our creativity and teamwork to design and build our diorama. A diorama is when you have a topic and you create a setting with a background and mini figures. When we were creating our diorama we had to use 2D and 3D, some in the front, and some all the way back. In this activity I learned how to show your understanding in different ways. With this Knowledge I can use different ways to show my learning and I can also do this again for another summative task. This reminds me of my brother who made a diorama of the rainforest and I made one before and it was about the savanna.I wonder if the next summative will be as fun and creative?

This is our diorama

What is a stop motion video?A video that is made out of multiple photos. To make a good stop motion video you need to  plan your story and follow steps. When you are filming you have to set up the background and characters . You have to be accurate and take a lot of photos for one movement! Last but not least it take really long to make but short to watch. Hope you try
to make a stop motion soon!

This is are work in progress. making the background.

Adding fractions

In math stations we made paper pizzas with that we learned how to add fractions. First we added fraction with the same denominator and then with different denominators. I learned how to add fractions with a different denominator and what a improper fraction is. I thought it was really interesting because I never did it before and I really like math problems.With this knowledge I can understand division better. In grade 3 I saw and learned how to add fractions with the same denominator. How do you use fractions in your daily life?

Making connections

This week we had to make connections with someone that doesn’t have one of the children’s right and mine was health(water, food, clean environments and medicine).  The child in the story does not have a lot of water in the dry season and he only has 1 toilet for the whole street.  He was lucky because he had a doctor visiting to his school and not everyone has that. His name was Hakim and we had some things in common.Ex: we had more then one toilet.
I learned how to make a new kind of chart(comparing,contrasting) and what we have in common and what is different. So Now that I think about it I am very lucky! With this knowledge I can connect better and see the difference between people and things or try and help them.  The chart makes you  think what we have in common and the differences. I think it was fun because I never did it before and you can see how similar people are and how different. I have seen this before in other classrooms and when I saw it I didn’t really understand it. Are we going to do this again and are their any kinds of charts that also connect to something/someone?


This Wednesday we experienced a new government system called dictatorship.  At snack we all  had the same snack. We thought it was interesting because we never did that before . It felt hopeless,scared and we cared only about ourselves. We were scared because if 24880509669_2a304a470awe did something bad or didn’t obey our leader he gave us a punishment.  So we didn’t talk to our friends.  Our learning was quiet and focused and we had to write about our dear leader, we also wrote a poem about our dear leader, there were spies so we worried about our classmates watching us or telling on us.  Everyone was selfish.    Our questions are: What does dictatorship look like in real life?  If we lived in a real dictatorship we think our life will be poor,stressed  and hard working.



On an amazing Monday after lunch we started learning about onomatopoeia.Onomatopoeia means the word from a sound. Everyone choose their own onomatopoeia and we put a picture with it and made a poem. I learned what onomatopoeia means and how to use it. You can use it in a poem after each other. I think it was interesting how the onomatopoeias goes together into a class poem. With this knowledge I can make a poem with onomatopoeia. I have seen a lot of onomatopoeia in poems and stories. How can I make a good poem with onomatopoeia and how many kinds of onomatopoeia are there?

How we organize ourselves

I can’t believe it we started a new unit called how we organize ourselves. Our central idea is Choices can be valued and vary in different societies. We had to make the central idea with our own words and take a image that is related.We thought it helped us understand the central idea through learning the vocabulary. This might come in handy in the summative task in the end of the unit. It connects to the last unit because we did the same activity. What are we going to learn and how are we going to learn it? What kind of activities are we going to do?


4F on 1 chair

The past two days in drama we tried to put 14 people on a chair! We gave everyone numbers so 1 goes first and 14 goes last We thought it was really challenging because it wasn’t a big chair, but after some tries we accomplished it. We learned how to work as team and when you’re on the chair you have to hold each other really good. With
 this information we could other challenging thing because we know how to work as a team and corporate.What else can we do with this experience?Are we going to do anything like this in the future?

By Morris and Nevo