Event Art!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to go through a major event? We did! So we were assigned to write down on a google doc what the event was, what we felt before the event, then after it.   

After that we had to do a drawing, sculpture, painting, or anything else we wanted. So, we are making art to describe how we transformed in that event, The event I chose was roleplaying warrior cats because Warrior Cats was a series I was reading before, during, and after the event, it inspired me to draw better, make my drawings neater, here’s my art from class!:


Exciting Art

This week in art we worked on showing how our life was before migration and how our life changed after our migration creatively, not using words. Everyone had different ideas and we thought it was very fascinating walking around the classroom and looking at everybody’s artwork.But before we did all of that we had to plan what we were going to make.This is the link of our plan.

We had a lot of fun and had a delightful time.I would of changed my volume of my voice because if one person is loud everyone starts talking and everyone couldn’t concentrate

Building skyscrapers

We finished planning our city scape. A lot of people are starting to decorate their buildings. I learned the angles have to be exact or it doesn’t look good.With this knowledge we can become architects. I think this is a great thing because we combined math and art together, My two favourite subjects together.This connects to a person I saw before that was building a house and the architect was holding the plan.  Did you ever make a cityscape? What we can do next with our knowledge is make a 3D plan for inside a house.


The Challenges

Last week we were asked to do a challenge each, we made a list of art things we can do, like painting, sketching, etc, etc. We needed to make a painting, sketch or… Well you get the idea, we were going to make something about the conditions for our art. Olivia made a drawing for Something that shows 2 perspectives it showed a cat looking up at a human and a human looking down at a cat.  We made this list so we know all of the different tools we can use for an art project.  We want to use paint and drawing.



The Great Game

The Great Game

The past few weeks we’ve been playing a game in art class with Mr.Reed.  We worked in partners of our choice and  were asked to complete ten tasks.  The point of the game was to have fun and learn about graphic designers but also learn about CUB which stands for contrast, unity, and balance, some of the thing we need to learn for our unit.  The first task was just learning about what a graphic designer and how to be like one.  When we completed the challenge we went and talked to mr.Reed who could give us -2 if we didn’t do anything related to the challenge +5 if we did well on the challenge or a 5+2 if we did super.  I learned that if you work together you can accomplish anything. also learned about contrast, unity, and balance (CUB) which really helps me in the unit.balance (CUB) which helps me in the unit.               Screen-Shot-2015-12-16-at-14.00.10-25qdnjx-300x173


PIC time is what our class made up together. It’s a special time to Play, Inquiry and Create.

It is kind of like art and U.O.I together. About two weeks ago we made our class look like there is more space. Now some people brought some jars so we can split our color pencils. People brought some card boards, plastic straws and tons of pet bottle caps. We also arranged the classroom. We though this time was very creative and fun to do.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.03.39

This is our pocket doll that we made. It is made from popsicle sticks and silk. We are looking forward to making more crafts like Christmas decorations.

Art project

In the past two weeks at art we were playing a game about graphic designers. Every class gets to try different things to learn about C.U.B (Contrast Unity Balanced). I learned what unity and contrast means. I think the game is fun and exciting. When we finish the game there is a extra project and in that project you have to use what you learned. An example of unity is when the colors are light or dark. An example of contrast is when it is obvious that someone is different.My questions are, what are we going to do after this designers game?

Arty Avatars!



Last week we created our avatars for an art website, mine is a cat holding heather plants it was hard drawing the details, but it was so worth it! We designed our avatars purely from our minds, or based it off a picture on the internet. My cat’s name is HeatherTail, I chose heather in it’s mouth because her name is Heathertail, I also chose a cat because I really like cats and I want people to see me as a cat on the internet. But some people chose monsters, dragons, etc, etc. Whichever type It is, it looks amazing! We were able to take them home to work on them but, most people chose not to. I thought it was super fun! Have an artsy day! 😉

Art is the Best!

Last week we had Art class. We were working on our plants and drawing crazy stuff. I learned how to do the shading and coloring. I drawed a plant with a thin stem and a T-shirt and buildings around for the background.A lot of people did a minecraft background and character background.

Here is a link to Mr. Reed’s art blog to find out more about our drawings.


Transforming Art

Last week we finished Transforming our plants into our imagination, I added a cat to my picture. I used my imagination to put the plant in a globe and make a mini world with tiny native-Americans, night skies and  constellations it felt like the best picture i’ve ever drawn it reminds me of the last place I lived , it was nice. I don’t know what to add next!