Student Reflections: March 3rd.

Here are some thoughts from the class about the week, what skills and tools they used in their learning, and some questions and comments about next week.

Things I learned Skills I used Tools I used
  • How volcanoes work
  • Box Division
  • Short division an easy way
  • How the rock cycle works
  • How plate tectonics work
  • Improving at stop motion
  • How to make rock candy
  • How to play the ukulele
  • Subtracting skills
  • Make connections
  • Building skills (clay)
  • Estimating skills
  • Asking Questions
  • Taking notes
  • Collecting and recording information
  • Multiplication skills
  • Strumming and plucking
  • Acting skills
  • Memorizing
  • Cooperating
  • Books,
  • Computers
  • Ipads
  • Atlases
  • Ukulele
  • Camera
  • Markers, tables, erasers


Questions Comments
-What are we going to do with Grade 10 buddies?

-What is the next home learning going to be?

– What is the ballet, how long?

-Excited to continue working in the garden

-It is a big week, finishing up projects, garden, ballet, buddies.

-Excited to do more research.

4F March 3rd

Back to the garden

4F Feb 20-24As the weather starts to turn, there are some spots of green coming up in the garden. Students are excited to see the growth of long dormant seeds and are starting to plan what is to come next.  They have been further motivated by conversations with the canteen about selling them their produce at market value and brought some radishes to be included in the salad bar this week.

On the surface, this sounds kind of simple, but thinking about all the skills that could be integrated into gardening could make the student’s learning really bloom. (oh dear). Research skills to find out values and increase yields, measuring skills, communication with each other and the canteen, service learning to think about what to do with the profits all immediately jump to mind, not to mention the realization of our food supply and the amount of work to get it to our table.

Who knows what will happen between now and the end of the school year, but I think that it is safe to say that more Grade 4s will be going to the garden.

So many photos of the week are here for your viewing pleasure.  Furthermore, please remember to check out and comment your child’s Seesaw to see individual, small group, and whole class examples of learning.

Research Skills and Gardening Fun!

Our Grade 10 buddy class came in this Friday to help small groups reflect on the week through blog writing,  The class then chose the top two blog entries  to represent our week of learning.

Week 4 in 4F



                                                Student Investigators
    What we learned this week is about ecosystems and the garden measurements. We learned about how to measure the garden and calculate the perimeter and to label a blueprint. We also learned how to put the calculations together. For our project we researched about the ecosystems, for example tundra, arctic, grasslands and other biomes. Our group also filled in a sheet of paper that had questions on our ecosystems. We felt that the projects was hard but fun at the same time. The ecosystem project also made us better researchers. I really enjoyed this week and it was lots of fun.
Maya, Phebe, Kyoka, Maia, Kaishyu
Garden project: Boom!! garden area plan. We had to draw a blueprint of the garden and write the area (length x width).  For the past week we have been working on our garden project. In this project we have been measuring the garden and creating blueprints.  We used the blueprints to find out how we could divide the garden equally between the three 4th grade classes. Through this project, we learned how to create blueprints and measure areas. We enjoyed creating blueprints because it let us think and we enjoy doing math (area). We want to know what kind of plants we should plant in the garden. With the measurements, we created a diagram and voted for the three best ones it is Joshua, Billy, Morris,Nevo,Overall, we enjoyed this project.By nini,cacy, Joshua, Billy, Morris,Nevo