4F on 1 chair

The past two days in drama we tried to put 14 people on a chair! We gave everyone numbers so 1 goes first and 14 goes last We thought it was really challenging because it wasn’t a big chair, but after some tries we accomplished it. We learned how to work as team and when you’re on the chair you have to hold each other really good. With
 this information we could other challenging thing because we know how to work as a team and corporate.What else can we do with this experience?Are we going to do anything like this in the future?

By Morris and Nevo

Creators of a Rhythm

A few weeks ago we started an activity in drama. We came up with ideas of a theme to create rhythm, but we had to create different beats and make it match with both the sounds, and theme. A lot of people used some props to help make our ideas more realistic. There was a restaurant theme, park theme, and ocean theme. They were all very interesting, but last drama class we videotaped every performance. The skills we used were to make a decision on what theme to choose, had fun with the rhythm, focused, practiced, and tried to make it as unique as possible. Most everybody liked this activity.(11%13) I hope that we can do have another cool experience like this again sometime! Drama Blog Link For Grade Four Activity: http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/ericksonl/category/2015-2016/grade-4-20152016/