Rion’s Awesome Grade 4

Grade 4 was a Joyful Fantastic year.I learn’t a lot of important things that I didn’t know before.The most AWESOME part of grade 4 was obviously camp because I got to laugh and talk with new friends that you have never talked before.In grade 4 I had opportunities to make cool friends that are really nice to me.

This year I have learn’t a lot by listening to the teacher and paying attention to all the important things that will be very useful for my life.All the challenges  Mr McCreath gave me made me grow so much that when I look at the work I have done in the past,I know that I learned a lot because I know way more things now then the past.

I hope I get better at maths because maths will help a lot in my life and my future.I would like to continue to get better at reading smoothly and understanding what I am reading.

Messages to my AWESOME classmates and my BRILLIANT teacher.

Thankyou for being awesome classmates.I appreciate for helping me and being kind to me.Thank You Mr McCreath for being a brilliant teacher.The thing I like you being a teacher is you get angry when you have to and you be nice as possible to the students.This was a fantastic class.THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fantastic 4th grade

This year I learned a lot of things I researched and if you think that’s not enough for you we even experienced deeper into government systems! 4F was the most unique class I have ever been in! We were so creative and made so many models and inventions  and helpful to each other in PIC spots day and more we learned how to make something cool something to last and how to even make it work just Think Make Improve and go back to think and go on. We had goverment week and we could experience so much things. I have a lot of friends some closer than others.

I have grown in exponents, fractions, dividing decimals and algebra. Algebra is really important if you want to become an Animator,Industrial Engineer,Physicist, and Astronomers. Start studying if you want to work in one of those jobs. My highlight of this year is the camp because we learned how to play with nature, climb trees and build forts. And PIC because we made models. The challenge was how to make the masts steady.

My biggest hope is to stay in Japan and to stay in touch with friends. I want to get better at reading by reading more. Hope to stay in touch.

Motomachi ChinaTown!!!

This week on Friday we went to a little trip to the Chinatown in Yokohama to find evidence of other countries that have migrated to Japan.We found lots of evidence for example Chinese artworks,buildings and statues to represent their country.I learnt a lot of things just for walking 2 minutes out of YIS.For example 1 thing I learnt was that after Japan opened the country so many people from other countries came into Japan to share all their useful stuff that they’ve got.

4F in Shibuya

4F examined our central idea of media influencing thinking and behaviour at what is probably the busiest intersection in the world.  We looked at how advertisers target specific audiences through images, fonts, colours and displays.  Here are some thoughts and reflections from the students about the trip:

  • Lots of repeated advertisements so you could see them from everywhere.
  • Big, loud, colourful, to grab attention.
  • Different from Motomachi, more screens, instead of posters, they used screens.
  • Shops used heat to try and get customers inside.
  • Lots of products attached Star Wars to their name to sell themselves.
  • We saw lots of examples of contrast, font, colour, the next step is we can make our own.
  • More 3D things, turning, louder, more music, almost too much.
  • Compared to Motomachi, a lot more posters covering doors.
  • They used lots of examples of celebrities to sell their products, Ethos.  Bands, Taylor swift, Katie Perry.
  • I learned that it is all competing for your attention, and paying a lot for it.


Aquaman visits 4F!

Aquaponics expert, defining unit vocabulary, thinking about how we learn best, consolidating place value knowledge, identifying non-fiction text features, book mapping and connecting literature to our UOI, making scientific observations in nature, and linear measurement were just some of the ideas we explored this week. Outside the classroom we have an aquaponics system.  It is an excellent tool for gathering data, making connections, and thinking about our UOI and responsibility.  We hope to grow it over the course of the year, and the visit we had to teach us about the system was very enlightening to students and staff.  The class is already excited about the new responsibilities they are taking on to maintain the system.

2nd week in 4F


On Fridays afternoons the class reflected on what they learned this week, and what activities they used to learn, leading to how we learn best.  Here is an example of a reflection process we are using.


Mr. McCreath was also blown away when he walked into music class and saw this on only the second week of school.

Quotes from the classroom:

“It was a very busy week”  – Maia
“I learned a lot about aquaponics” – Phebe
“The guest speaker told us a lot of important information about the system” -Nevo
“This week was better than the last because we wrote a lot more”- Olivia
“I never knew that ecosystems were so interesting” – Morris
“I learned so much this week and had fun at the same time” – Maya
“I learned 10 new words in a fun exciting way” – Billy
“After the speaker talked to us I learned the information I needed, and when we started using the system I learned you don’t need so much food, and how it changes into different chemicals” -Joshua
“We went to the park and saw trees and bugs, we drew them and talked about how they are connected” – Kenta
“I learned about the different kinds of biomes” – Oliver